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KPIs for Business Analyst - Trang tính1

1 = Poor
2 = Fair
3 = Satisfactory
4 = Good
5 = Excellent
Core KPIs
Rating score
Analyze data to look for consistencies and recurring themes.
Data & Reporting Analyst Job
Collaboration with Account Teams on all aspects of report creation, incl. deadlines,
deliverables, edits, recommendations.
Develop and perform data mining & exploration.
Identify, analyze, and interpretation of client campaign data.
Investigate and analyze data problems and issues.
Provide recommendations on campaign performance improvements, based on
client data and industry standards.
Work with Account Managers on the finalization of reports.
Ensure products entering the User Acceptance Testing phase are built to
specification and are of high quality.
Identify and investigate commercial or opensource options which may offer a more
effective solution to some or all of the requirements.
Identify overlapping requirements/processes across the existing and upcoming
software portfolio.
Senior Business Analyst Job
Investigate, record, analyse, and confirm system requirements and business
Make recommendations to the Business Improvement Team and Application
Development Team Leader for business processes requiring refinement.
Make recommendations to the system owner and Application Development Team
Leader on the value, feasibility, and impact of the system requirements.
Manage a variety of tasks concurrently and show the flexibility of work patterns in
order to meet time frames and delivery.
Assess the feasibility of the recommended solution from a business perspective.
Assess the impact of the solution on various stakeholders.
Business Analyst Job Responsibilities
Market Research Analyst Job
Ensure that the solution development team understands the problem and the
Manage changes to business requirements and carry out an impact analysis.
Aided Brand Awareness – Evaluate consumers’ ability to recognize a brand.
Brand Image – Find out the impression consumers have of a brand.
Celebrity Analysis – See which celebrity is associated with your image.
Customer Effort Score – Track the customer experience with a brand.
Customer Satisfaction Score – Measure customer satisfaction.
Net Promoter Score – Evaluate customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Purchase Intention – Forecast future customer purchasing behavior.
Unaided Brand Awareness – Measure the active brand recall.
Usage Intention – Get insights on a new product potential.
Willingness To Pay – Analyze the price range of a future product.
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