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Solubility Review

Solubility Review
Part 1: Vocabulary
1. For each of the terms below, write the definition. Then, use each word in a sentence.
● Aqueous –
● Molarity (M) –
● Solubility –
● Solute –
● Solvent –
● Saturated-
● Strong electrolyte-
● Supersaturated-
● Unsaturated-
● Weak electrolyte-
Part 2: Solubility Rules and Factors Impacting Solubility
1. List the steps of reading a solubility table
2. Determine if the following substances are soluble
a. CaCO₃
b. (NH₄)₂(CO₃)
c. K₂CO₃
d. AgBr
3. List the factors that affect solubility
4. Will hot pure water dissolve more or less salt than cold pure water if both solutions
are stirred for 20 seconds each. Why?
5. Gregor wants to dissolve a 10g block of a solid substance in 40mL of water. Which of
the following steps would make it easier for the solid substance to dissolve?
a. Freezing the solid
b. Adding salt to the water
c. Breaking up the 10g block into smaller pieces
d. Adding sugar to the water
6. Explain your answer to the question above
Part 3: Types of Solutions
1. What is an electrolyte?
2. How do you determine if a solute will form an electrolyte when dissolved in water?
3. Label the following solutes as strong electrolytes, weak electrolytes, or
a. H2SO4 (Sulfuric Acid)
b. C₆H₈O₇ (Citric Acid)
c. NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide)
d. C6H12O6 (Glucose)
e. NaCl (Table Salt)
f. O2 (Oxygen Gas)
g. AgBr (Silver Bromide)
4. Define the following terms
a. Saturated
b. Unsaturated
c. Supersaturated
5. What happens when you add a seed crystal to a supersaturated solution?
6. What ion is produced by an acid in solution?
7. What ion is produced by a base in solution?
8. What is the difference between a strong acid and a weak acid?
Part 4: Concentration
1. Calculate the concentration of the following solutions
a. 7.12 mol of CH3COOH in 2.3 mL of water
b. 78g of HCl in 500mL of water
c. 943g of NaCl in 650mL of water
2. Find the mass of solute needed to make the following solutions
a. 500mL of 5.0M NaOH solution
b. 8900 mL of 0.01 M CaCO3 solution
c. 845 mL of 5.31M NH4 solution