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Economics Vocabulary Matching

Economics Vocabulary Matching
Use the definitions at the bottom of the page and write them next to the correct vocabulary word at the top.
TradeSpecializationInterdependenceProductionConsumptionGoodsServicesMarketOpportunity CostSupplyDemandImportExportScarcity--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------the number of goods or services that businesses are willing and able to provide at different prices
-goods that are brought into a country as part of trade
-the exchange of something of value
-the act of combining natural resources, human resources, money, and business building
-objects that meet people’s needs
-the action of buyers and sellers trading goods and services
-actions that are capable of meeting people’s needs
-focus on a fewer kinds of goods and services than are used
-not having enough resources to produce all the goods and services people want
-goods that leave a country as part of trade
-the number of goods or services that buyers are willing and able to buy at different prices
-the purchase or use of goods and services
-to depend on others to meet your needs
-the value of the next best choice you give up when another one is made-what you could be doing instead of
1st choice
Once you have matched them, write each one on the back and write and example of each one. You may need
to do some research to write an example.