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Jeanette Corsega (2021-40531)
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Mundane activities to transform into and aesthetic experience
I may be acidic as I can be but I have been a fan of coffee ever since forever.
The “ritual” of pouring hot water on the coffee presser is one of the everyday
experiences that I actually want to savor. The steam that is captured on the glass that I
use for dripping coffee is a sight that is priceless to my eyes. The aroma that of the
coffee makes it an absolute aesthetic experience. Drinking coffee may be usual to
everyone or may just be another routine for other people, but for me, especially when
you have those stock of Batangas Barako Coffee, just opening the cabinet where your
beans are is the experience that is art for me.
House general cleaning is one of the mundane activities especially when you are
Asian, that will be an everyday life routine, cleaning the house and organizing things. As
someone who is not a collector but piles up the collectable items that I buy, I needed to
clean it once in a while. For this activity, this is a new thing for me as someone who
doesn’t have any artistic side of me. I have been fond of K-pop not too long ago and this
may seem odd to other people but re-igniting the “spark” that gives me of the things that
I buy is such an experience that gives me another reason to continue. I have tried to
rearrange my “happy corner” at home and make it as aesthetic as it can be. Piled up my
albums per color, my light stick, displayed my biases’ album covers and dolls, some of
the banners that I got in the past events that I attended are posted on the wall. While I
was doing this, I literally played the CDs on a player for the first time to make the
experience more felt and better. This may not be relevant to other people but this
activity of piling my “happy corner” brought kilig to my heart.