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Talk about the measures of precaution to protect the house and property against burglary

Talk about the measures of precaution to protect the house and property against
It’s well-known that people appreciate their houses, they try to make them modern and fullyequipped with all the modern conveniences. That’s why if a person is burgled, he or she is
very disappointed and upset. Therefore, we need to protect our houses from burglary not to
get in a situation, when all your valuable things are stolen.
In order not to get in such a situation, I can name some tips to beat the burglar. First of all, fit
and use security locks to all doors and windows and a safety chain on the front door.
Burglars shy away from doors and windows which are properly secured as these can be
difficult to open. Secondly, don’t leave any ladders or tools lying about in the garden –
immobilize them. Furthermore, really valuable items should be given special protection –
preferably by leaving them with your bank. It’s worth mentioning that when you move into a
new home you should change locks, because you don’t know who may have duplicative
keys. Don’t rely on ‘safe’ or ‘secret’ places for keys and valuables - nine times out of ten,
they are the first place a thief will look into the pictures. What is more intruders are seldom
keen to try their luck on buildings where there are signs of life. So, the police often advice to
try to give the impression that someone is at home. Also Before leaving, ask the
neighbouhood watch to keep an eye on your house, even if the burglary happens, the police
may have time to arrest the robbers.
It isn’t the whole list, but it’s the most essential part of it, so you should at least try to follow
In conclusion I’d like to say that our homes are our castles and we must protect them.
Moreover, we’re all vulnerable and sometimes we can’t do anything to prevent a crime. But
at least we can try to make our life safer and protect our property from unnecessary break-in
in case someone is bearing a grudge on you. Once bitten, twice shy, as it’s told