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When visiting….this is an example of a(n)
- Assembly drawing
This is a straight-line mathematical model…independent variable
- Linear regression
The last four weekly values…calculate MAPE
- 10.58
Which of the following is not an example of…cost, and speed to market?
- Haier also owns the GE appliance division …12,000… and controls 10% of the global
major appliance market
A company which installs swimming pools…most useful in this situation?
- Delphi method
Determine the mean absolute deviation…
- 16.54
For the past 10 quarters, House depot….the slope of the regression line is 1.25. (note:...)
- 13,860 board feet
Means planning and creating…be sold to the customer
- Product design
A major reason that…in business is that
- Spotting trends can give you and edge over the competition
Which of the following statements discusses the influences…operations management?
Outsourcing…productively than you can.
- I and IV
Which of the following… quality-based strategy?
- A part of a cost reduction strategy
Most businesses are experiencing…consider global warming as?
- Threat
The facilities…provide a service.
- Service delivery system
Express the trend equation…Least Square Method
28.5 + 7.5t
It is the concept…both product and services.
- Logistics
The report may also tell management…or capital equipment.
- Product-by-value-report
Suppose Glenda company…what is the company’s productivity this year?
- 78.75
Corduroy pants inc., has a factory…factory be apple to produce 1000-pants
- Between 8 and 9 hours
A tracking signal is a metric…which of the statements below is false?
- Small variations are unacceptable…tracking signal is centered near zero
Which of the following statements is false?
Variations may result…
- Statement II only
Which of the following statements is / are not a strategic…
Determines the customer’s quality expectations…
- II and III
Globalization techniques improve…operation have been discovered. Except for the following:
- Constant global operations strategy
Adobo corporation manufacturers… historical evolution of operations management?
- Industrial revolution
Which product development strategy…companies to remain independent.
- Alliances
Voice international is deciding…which of the firm is preferred?
- Firm B
Strategy of producing basically…final product or service.
- Mass customization
Tasty Bread company has monthly…three-month moving average for july.
- 540
Consider the following given below:... forecasted sales for week 8?
The total output from a production…resulting productivity ratio?
- 1.00
Outsourcing involves external…is NOT a risk brought by outsourcing?
- Increased employment levels
Consider the following data below…amount of life insurance coverage?
- $90.687
A reason that firms must develop…new products than ever is:
- Product life cycles are shorter
A part of the value added…points in the transformation process
- Feedback
In addition to developing an effective…are important for product design, except:
- Value chain analysis
Gourmet bangus can produce 800 bottled…labor productivity?
- 160 bottles per labor hour
All the following are incorrect…weighted average technique except?
- Exponential smoothing typically requires less records…past data
Which of the following statements about forecasting approaches is incorrect?
- There are four different type…delphi method…staff, personnel, and respondents.
The quarterly sales in millions…seasonal factor of quarter 3.
- 1.4100
In which ways a manufacturing can contribute to a strategy…Radio corporation(...of home
electronic appliances)
- Produce new, higher quality products…these new products/enhancements
Which area does not have significant…and service operations?
- Unit cost
Compute the weighted average forecast…and 0.40
- 31
In a multifactor-productivity measures,... the increase or decrease in productivity?
- External elements
The statement that best to describe the…challenge is, except.
- Impossible to determine…downward trend
Kandila ng Bayan, Inc has a demand forecast of 8,000…seasonally-adjusted sales forecast for
- 10,000
As typically defined, social responsibility of operations…all of the following areas EXCEPT:
- Understanding stakeholders, business norms… legal systems
Being flexible, reliable, and quick…were defined as competing on
- Response
During the stage in product life… forecasting is critical
- Growth
Considering the following…what is the mean absolute percent error (MAPE)?
- 8.60%
This function of a business is responsible in making…goods and services
- Operations management
All the following statements are correct regarding service..except:
- To increase service…in the process as possible