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The film, “Heneral Luna”, 2015 is a Filipino historical biopic film about
General Antonio Luna. It is indeed one of the most beautiful movies I’ve
ever seen. The cinematography, cast, writing is really wonderful and
realistic, although the language used is not what I expected because it
looks too modern. The film shows the point of view of Gen. Antonio
Luna in the system of the Philippines in the American invasion period.
Furthermore, the movie carries joy, laughter, sorrow, grief, conflicts,
and realizations especially when it became an eye opener for me. As
an ‘International Studies’ student, it’s typical for us to have some
interest in different culture other than us although I never actually
detest our culture. However, with this film I observe a lot of admirable
actions as well as a lot of flaws in our country all the way from the late
18th century. I also noticed that the Philippine government in the past
greatly resembles the government issues in the present, just like how
the cabinet members prefers to be under the power of United States to
aim more money and superiority in their own state. Gen. Antonio Luna
deserves to be one of our heroes. He showed great bravery,
intelligence and he also became an inspiration to our fellow men during
and even after the war. He really holds superior power and can lead
people to follow him. The general also believes that no one is above
the law even the highest ranking official or the president. Now, as the
2016 presidential elections approaches, Gen. Antonio Luna’s
perspectives become an unofficial scoring ground to question the
qualifications of the candidates from what I saw in the internet, what I
heard while commuting and what I also thought of. However, I also
thought that Gen. Luna does not listen to what the others think of. This
a sort of a good attitude but sometimes it can also become really bad.
He’s a bit narrow minded as a high ranking general as he lets his
temper affect the whole situation. “Our greatest enemy is ourselves”
Gen. Antonio Luna said in one of the scenes. This is the most impactful
line that affected me. While watching the film, the thing I absolutely
noticed is about how our fellowmen react with the war for our freedom.
Starting from the never ending disagreements between the generals,
down to the impassionate soldiers they have. We can’t even group
ourselves as one but we hope for a victory, so ironic. I’m not even
surprised when the Americans laugh at our own foolish acts. In the
end, not only Gen. Luna was lost and was put in shame. But our whole
country lost. The worst part of it, we didn’t lose with the war but we lost
within ourselves. That’s the main reason why we lost and will continue
to do so. We aim for a simple yet happy life, but we expect someone to
do it for us in the midst of another western invasion.
After watching the film, I think there are two faces of selfishness we
have, as a Filipino in the film. First, we are not selfish because we
always choose our family than ourselves. Second, we are selfish when
it comes in protecting our country. We don’t realize that killing our own
Filipino brothers and sisters lead to the death of hope of the future. I
also wonder why we always need to choose the temporary unsure
safety than the permanent freedom of our own country.
If I were to choose between Bayan o Sarili. I will choose sarili, because
in order to be a productive and good citizen in your country, you need
to be responsible and kind in the smallest possible way starting from
yourself. If you can’t win the temptation of evil, then you can never be a
worthy citizen of your country.