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01c Saints Chart Paper Activity

HRF3O1: Saints Chart Paper Activity
Your task: In a group of 3 pick one of the following saints and answer the following questions below on
the chart paper provided.
St. George
St. Simeon Stylites
St. Moses the Black
St. Longinus
St. Quiteria
St. Euphemia
1) Summarize what is known about the person’s life
2) Why do you think he/she is considered a Saint?
3) How did this person offer an example in how to live and how did this person work to overcome
4) What makes this person worthy of being revered as a model for believers? Explain why you think they
were made a Saint.
5) Use the catechism passages from below to explain how Christians define holiness, saintliness or
From the Catechism of the Catholic Church:
1) HOLINESS: CCC 2013 "All Christians in any state or walk of life are called to the fullness of
Christian life and to the perfection of charity."65 All are called to holiness: "Be perfect, as your
heavenly Father is perfect."66
In order to reach this perfection, the faithful should use the strength dealt out to them by Christ's
gift, so that . . . doing the will of the Father in everything, they may wholeheartedly devote
themselves to the glory of God and to the service of their neighbor. Thus, the holiness of the
People of God will grow in fruitful abundance, as is clearly shown in the history of the Church
through the lives of so many saints.67
2) SAINTLINESS: CCC 1719 “The Beatitudes reveal the goal of human existence, the ultimate end
of human acts: God calls us to his own beatitude. This vocation is addressed to each individual
personally, but also to the Church as a whole, the new people made up of those who have
accepted the promise and live from it in faith.”