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Personal Identification Lesson

Name: ______________
Address: _____________
See reverse
side for
Phone #: _____________
Birthday: ___________
I have Autism.
I may have difficulty
understanding you, be
very anxious, react in
different ways that are
not meant to be
threating or not look at
You can help me by
speaking calmly and
concisely, giving me
space and being patient.
Additional Information
Mom’s Name:
Dad’s Name:
Personal ID Questions
1. Cut out each question and image.
2. Paste onto a flash card. With the image and question on one side and just the image on the
3. Cut out ID card (above) on the red lines glue back and fold down the middle, then laminate the
a. You can use clear tape or contact paper if lamination is not available.
4. Provide the student with laminated ID card above.
5. Show the image and ask student the first question.
a. When first teaching a question have another person put their hand over the student’s
hand to give the person asking the questions the card.
b. It is also advised to only start with one question at a time until the student can
independently provide the card for at least three different trials.
6. Repeat steps 4-5 at least 5 times a sitting throughout the day.
Images for back of card
Images and questions for front of card
What is your name?
What is your address?
What is your phone number?
What is your birthday?
What is your Mom’s name?
What is your Dad’s name?