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How shools are funded

How schools are funded in Georgia
How we are funded
The United States government uses a variety of methods to finance the education of its students.
The methods help to ensure that the students are all round and that the labor market does not suffer
deficiency. The amount is based on the number of students enrolled on a particular program and
the type of the students. The Georgia state uses a unique funding formula; the formula is based on
the full-time students enrolled on a program.
Each program is allocated funds with respect to its weight and the estimated cost associated to the
it. The Georgia state normally conducts students counts twice every year, this helps the state to
distribute indirect funds as: Low income student grant, Title I grant, Preschool development grant
and race to top programs. Direct cost may include the costs related to the input factors like the
teacher’s incentives and consumable materials.
Low income students are funded through programs like the Pell grant program. From the previous
years the funding in this bracket has been on the increase, this is due to the increase in the number
of students who qualify for the funding. Grant programs that are also aimed at ensuring that more
students are enrolled in academic programs includes the Title I grant. The government United State
government through Georgia state also ensures that there is enough allocation of the grant for the
preschool students, this is made possible through a Preschool Development Grants competition.
This was spearheaded mainly by the administration of his excellency president Barack Obama.
Programs like the race to the top program lasted for five years, however its benefits are highly
rewarding to the school. This program was aimed at ensuring the school maintained highest
enrollment of the students. At the same time the program was to ensure that the school maintained
all the students to graduation. The state also ensured that the teachers are offered incentives, the
incentive was aimed at ensuring that the teachers are up to the task. Teachers are paid based on
their experiences and the number of years that they have served in the districts.