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Each and every time, when Epson printer

Each and every time, when Epson printer don’t communicate well with computer or laptop then it’s having an offline error. So,
whenever you get the message- “Epson printer offline”, it’s time to think the reasons of being offline.
The three major factors which are responsible for Epson printer offline and they are: Printer
Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)
Computer or Laptop
Therefore, users are supposed to check these factors to fix Epson printer offline error.
Noteworthy things to check, whether your Epson Printer is Offline
Users are recommended to ensure that their Epson printer is appropriately connected to the Wi-Fi network or if it is getting
suitable internet signals.
Users should ensure that their Epson printer is powered on or not. In case, if it is not then do turn it on.
If both things are working appropriately then users are supposed to check the setting of their Epson Printer to which it is
currently connected.
Next, users should navigate to the “Printers and Scanners” option in their computer’s settings menu to make sure that their
Epson printer is not in the “offline mode”.
Now, users should make sure that they have newest and updated drivers installed in their Epson printer. Many times, outdated
drivers are the major reasons for Epson printer offline errors.
Next, users should remember to check the settings of their Epson printer and should correct the incorrect settings to get an
error-free printing operation.
Thereafter, users are supposed to remove all the solid objects which are lying between their printer and wi-fi router. It is
because solid objects which are made up of wood, steel etc blocks or stops wi-fi signals from reaching Epson printer. As a
result, Epson printer is not getting adequate wi-fi signals to operate.
To conclude, users are advised to check that their wi-fi router is getting appropriate internet access from Internet Service
Provider (ISP).
• Changing Epson Printer Offline to Online in Easy Steps
• For changing Epson printer offline to online, users are recommended to follow the below-mentioned steps so that
their printer start printing properly.
To begin with, users should Restart their Epson Printer.
Now, they are supposed to Push the (Windows+I) button to launch the “Windows Settings” of their computer.
Next, they will be going to see the “Devices” option, and then do double-click on it.
Now, do click on the “Printer & Scanner” option.
Subsequently, users will be going to view their Epson printer in the printer list.
Next, users are supposed to right-click on the Epson printer icon and then select the “See what’s printing” choice.
Now, users are recommended to uncheck the “Stop printing & printer from another printer” & other checkmarks
from the “See what printer is printing” option.
h) Next, from the drop-down menu, users should Select “Use Printer Online”.
i) Last of all, users should right-click the “See what’s printing” option & Set their Epson printer as the default printer if
they see a greenish checkmark or grey icons on it.
• To get Epson Printer Offline to Online on Windows 10 PC.
• Frequently speaking, Epson printer are confronted with offline issue because of weak wi-fi connectivity and
incorrect printer settings. To get Epson printer online on Windows 10 PC, users are recommended to check few
important things. First of all, users should check the “What’s printing” options in the setting of their computer. Next,
they are supposed to cancel and eliminate all active as well as queued printing tasks, and ensure that cartridge is
working properly.