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Guide to Online Introduction for Tutors

Thanks for
We want to wish you all the best
during the hiring process
Teaching kids can be very
Now you can join our
team of teachers all over
the world, and help kids
learn online.
This is an amazing opportunity for anyone
who wants to earn additional income from
Here is what we look for when hiring people to teach online
You need to know your subject
matter really well
You need to be comfortable with
using technology
You need to like kids, and know
how to be patient with kids
You need to be extremely
organized and punctual
What is next in the interview
process for the online tutor
We need 2 video
recordings from you
Your First Video:
What we need from you
Record short video
of yourself telling us
why you would like
the job
This will help us to get to know you a little
better, and help us make sure that your
ideologies are in line with ours. Please
make sure your voice is loud and clear.
Your Second Video:
What we need from you
Record short video
solving any Math or
English problem
This will help us understand how you are able
to present a solution to a problem. Please
make sure your voice is loud and clear
Send us the 2 videos you
WhatsApp the 2 videos
you recorded to:
+92 345 829 6203
Your videos will be kept private and
confidential and will only be used for interview
screening purposes. We delete all such videos
once the recruitment process is complete.