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Memorial - pictures of memorials (2)

The first 3 photos are the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in
Washington DC. Men are not actually buried here, but the wall
contains the names of 58,320 men and 8 women who died
over the course of the conflict. The names are etched on a
total of 140 panels of black granite. The names are arranged
by platoon (instead of being strictly alphabetical), so
neighboring names are men who possibly served together.
These next pictures are from the Normandy American
Cemetery and Memorial in northern France. The men buried
here represent the American casualties from the Normandy
invasion in WW2, as depicted in the film "Saving Private Ryan."
Even though the invasion was fully complete in only about 3
days, there are 9,388 men buried here.
And finally, here is the National September 11 Memorial and
Museum in downtown Manhattan. The names of 2,983 victims
are inscribed on 152 bronze parapets on the memorial pools