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Declaration - 1776 movie ticket

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U.S. History I Video
What is John Adams biggest loudest complaint against Congress?: Congress is not
taking action for independence from Britain even though Britain is being unfair to
them by imposing taxes.
Who is the main opponent of independence?: John Dickinson, who wanted to do
reconciliation with Britain instead of independence.
Who proposed the resolution for independence? When?: Richard Henry Lee did it
on June 7, 1776.
All 13 colonies must not vote NEY for the Declaration to pass?
What does the Declaration call King George III?: It calls him a tyrant.
What does John Adams call that “Document”?: He calls it “the masterful expression
of the American Mind.”
What issue made the South walk out of Congress?: They walked out after Jefferson
and Adams proposed that slavery should be abolished.
Describe the arguments made by John Adams in favor of independence.: Britain taxes them
unfairly and oppresses them. He also believes they need a Decleration of Independence. It’s
been over a year since Lexington and Concord.
Describe the arguments made by Benjamin Franklin in favor of independence.: Americans
don’t have the rights that British citizens do. Also the economy is doing bad; Britain takes
their resources and interferes with trade. America has a new nationality and thus requires a
new nation.
Describe the arguments made by John Dickenson opposed to independence.: The British
empire is the strongest in the world and they get protection. The people do not want
independence and the “oppression” is not that bad.
Describe the arguments made by Edward Rutledge opposed to independence.: He wants
independence for only South Carolina, not as a united nation. He wants South Carolina to
rule itself, not Massachusetts to rule South Carolina.
In your opinion, who is the most important person in the movie?
I think Adams was the most important because he pushed the Decleration through
Congress. Even though he didnt propose it or write the Decleration, he was the face of
indpenence and he convinced many others in Congress. He also never gave up hope even
though most the night before the vote did.
How would you rate the movie? (1 - bad to 5 - best):
I think it was 4/5 because it was interesting and gace accurate details about America gaining
independence. However, it has a bit too much music and dancing. I would prefer a bit more
debate and less music.