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Jeff Orlowski
September 9, 2020
A reaction Paper submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the requirements
Presented To:
Dr. Wendy Veeh T. Batar, REB, ICAP1
Presented by:
Reyjane A. Obsioma
The movie that I will be reacting to is titled The Social Dilemma, directed by Jeff Orlowski
and was released on September 9, 2020.
The movie talked about how social media is slowly taking over people’s lives. It
emphasized how today’s product is not anymore inclusive to the material goods being sold in the
market but also the people – the people’s addiction, the people’s attention.
It also talked about the concept of surveillance capitalism, where a personal data and
even the analysis of thought is commodified. In today’s age, where people, businesses and
governments rely mostly on technology, creators of these platforms took advantage of such
opportunity. They did not only developed platforms that would connect people and advertise
products but could eventually lead to creative destruction without people realising it. Every click
in our devices sends data and information to the creators thus making us their captives. They
then in turn, would analyse that actions for future predictions and manipulations.
The movie presented three main goals of a social media platform: engagement goal,
growth goal, and advertising goal. Engagement goal is the amount or the quantity of the people’s
response with regards to their usage. Growth goal is the number of times people would come
back whilst encouraging other users to visit a particular platform. And advertising goal is making
sure that the company gets its purpose of profit-making from advertising.
The movie relates to this course by showing us awareness of the effects these social
media to the users. We are well aware that people nowadays are always online, especially in this
pandemic. Advertisers have now the convenience in marketing their products at the comfort of
the consumer’s home and not really having to physically introduce them to a certain marketplace.
As an Institution of learning, social media is a big part of our learning delivery to the
students especially in this times. Since we cannot conduct face to face classes, we resort to online
or live class discussion through FB live, as this is the most convenient for our learners. Though it
is the most appropriate way of conducting classes, it voids the sense of familiarity between the
teacher and the students. The interaction is lacking since only the instructor would be the one
talking without actually seeing the student’s faces. Not to mention the difficulty in explaining the
lessons because of the one way communication. And it is manipulative in a way that we have to
check on our emails and inboxes for their queries and output submissions from time to time. We
could go on full day just rummaging through our inboxes for students’ messages.
The Social Dilemma is an awareness of social media’s consequences to the people. We
know it for sure but we cannot avoid it now. Especially that our work involves using it for how
many hours a day.
I agree that it is addictive and manipulative but with proper cautions in our engagements,
I think we can change the habit. We may not be able to totally delete it from our system, but at
least we are controlling it and not them controlling us.