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Energy : it is a property of matter and it comes in many forms such as
heat, sound ,light and motion.
Energy is always conserved.This is law of conservation of energy.
It states that energy can neither be created not be destroyed.
this is change of energy from one form to another form. for example when we walk fast or run we
release the stored chemical energy into mechanical energy.
Different types of energy potential energy
It is also called the gravitational potential energy because it has the potential to release its stored energy
by using gravity potential energy depends on both mass and height of the object more mask and more
height means more potential energy.
potential energy is just stored energy:
kinetic energy it is the energy of motion. kinetic energy can be transferred to other objects through
collisions. The energy depends on both it's mass and velocity it is directly proportional to mass end
velocity that means more mass and or more velocity means more energy.
Example if we kick soccer ball up it has kinetic energy energy as it is moving after some time it slows and
stops then motion is transferred to potential energy .If we kick the ball again this potential energy is
again converted to kinetic. So energy is conserved.
There are different types of energies
Mechanical energy..
thermal energy
electromagnetic energy.
sound energy.
electric energy.
elastic energy.