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Fees and The Digital World

Let’s Get Digital-Digital! (my apologies to Olivia-Newton-John)
We are working to bring traditionally stodgy, back office fee billing systems out of the dark and
into the revenue generating part of businesses.
Fee based income is without a doubt the lifeblood of Digital Custody and Asset Management
(DCAM) based businesses. Traditional trade-related and AUC-based fees are the standard but
technology has also opened up the potential for new sources of revenue.
Just as the open banking concept is sweeping through financial institutions, sub-custody and
white-label strategies in the digital asset custody space are poised to do the same.
This notion isn’t just for asset management firms – mega-banks like JP Morgan, BofA, Wells
Fargo, etc. have recently been in the news to indicate they are also throwing their hats into the
digital ring.
Our Oracle Revenue Management and Billing (ORMB) application is ready to help these
companies make sure that every
digi-fee is correctly calculated, billed for and collected.
ORMB gives you flexibility because it is built with a “configuration vs. customization” design
which makes it easier and quicker to connect new product and service offerings to their
corresponding fee streams. ORMB also supports API monetization strategies. A true, digitalready fee billing system should enable you to support:
any API subscription based or pay-for-use arrangement AND,
any partner revenue sharing agreements AND,
any loyalty and incentive program like volume based discounts, loyalty points,
soft dollar credits, rebates, etc.
I would please ask that you don’t forget to make sure your fee billing capability is ready to
support your overall digital revenue evolution.
(I’m sure Olivia would agree).
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