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Evangeline A. De Ocampo
1. Among the megatrends discussed. What was the most striking to you?
— As far as I can tell the most striking part of the megatrends discussed is
the Impactful technology, Machineries are getting faster and better as well as Robots
are getting better at building things, They are the factors that will influence our
personal and professional life, as well as future socio-economic standards. They
cover a wide range of topics, including Artificial Intelligence and robotics, as well
as climate change and globalization.
2. What were the most interesting details about the 4th Industrial Revolution?
— the most interesting details about the 4th industrial Revolution is the
algorithm in the fact that it can diagnose disease right article managed funds and
deliver individually tailored learning.
3. With the mega trends as your inspiration and backdrop, what do you think will
be the qualities or characteristics of your future students 5 years from now?
— i think the qualities or characteristics of my future students 5 years from now
is became and technology literate due to mega trends such as impacts of
technological devices and social media as well .
4. What life roles and performance abilities will you and your students need to
acquire to cope with and thrive in our constantly developing 21st Century world?
— Due to constantly developing 21st century i think my role as a future teacher
through this generation became an effective facilitator of knowledge while my
students became more productive and more literate about technology so that they
can gather more knowledge as much as they eager to.
5. How can education address and develop those abilities?
—addressing and developing those abilities of students through massively
enhance and give wide information about the topic or their skills .