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Career-Life Connections 11 (CLC A)
A Summary of your Career-Life Connections
Summary Submission Sheet
Please answer the questions below by looking beyond school achievement goals, your
goal of post-secondary acceptance or a desire to earn money while thinking about and
writing these summaries.
Based on your own view of yourself and what you learned from the CLC assignments:
Describe a passion, interest or personal goal that motivates you.
I myself have a passion for cars and business.
These interests come from a passion to do something that I love while
making being able to survive because of it. It is something that I actively
try to further my experience and knowledge in.
• Describe the extent to which this passion, interest or personal goal
is leading you into a specific post-secondary program or into a
specific career.
I have interest in working for a business degree, which simultaneously
going to a trade school for a mechanic, where I can use both together to
create my own business that relates to something in the automotive
• Explain how a mentor could be a part of your pursuit of this
passion, interest or personal goal.
Balancing what and when parts of the project should be worked on. I can
occasionally get caught away and slowly drift away from the task at hand,
which can be fixed as long as I have a mentor properly guiding me. They
can also use their expertise to further benefit the quality of this project.