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They said “A successful poster is interesting, eye-catching and comprehensible when some part of
the image is transmitted instantaneously to the public. The poster will prove efficient for certain
types of information in the future. Depending on the communication idea that interests us, it can
still be a very useful medium.” Poster are versatile because of endless design possibilities, fabulous
fonts, gorgeous graphics and joyous words combine to offer your business ads. Shopping centres,
public places, washrooms, escalators, eating areas and the facilities all create perfect places for
posters to impact on a captive audience. They have the ability to cause a rapid response in
customers. As I’ve searched, “A good poster can arouse empathy, connecting your company to the
hearts and minds of customers with emotive visual imagery demanding attention.” So to get
noticed and get connected to your customers, poster advertising never fails. Another one is
Posters provide an opportunity to pair visual learning with textbook reading, lecture, and
traditional homework assignments. As such, posters are often created by students to visually
display a significant course project, developing research, or a particular perspective for class to
consider. Posters serve as a form of wall art and offer a focal point for the viewers. Instead of
letting the eyes of viewers roam around on the empty space and blank walls, posters offer the
viewers an opportunity to absorb and think over displayed message. That’s why, Text media and
information is important because it provide a baseline to make dissemination more accurate and
more efficient and much faster to keep up with the trend. Text media and information is also
important in data gathering and preserving / documenting written oral works, and language
translation. It lowers the risk of error since the material can be reviewed before release. The way
you organize the content on your poster has a big impact on how easily viewers will be able to
understand it.