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Chemistry Slides - Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Effect

Carbon Dioxide: Greenhouse gas
Mr Wilson
Learning Outcomes
• Know the structure of Carbon dioxide.
• Define what a greenhouse gas is and
give examples.
• Describe the greenhouse effect and
how it changes global temperatures.
Carbon Dioxide in Society:
• Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a very important molecule that affects all our
• Carbon dioxide has the following molecular structure:
Carbon Dioxide in Society:
• Carbon dioxide (CO2) is important for two reasons:
1. Greenhouse gas
• A greenhouse gases are molecules that trap heat energy and prevent
it escaping into space.
• This is a natural part of the Earth’s climate and is known as the
greenhouse effect.
• The greenhouse effect helps to maintain our natural climate, without
the Earth would be very very cold and all life would cease to exist.
• Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.
1. Greenhouse gas
• What makes CO2 a green house gas?
Greenhouse effect
Greenhouse effect: increased CO2
Global Warming
• Since the industrial revolution, human activities have caused the
concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere to increase.
Global Warming
• This has resulted in an increase in average global temperatures:
Global Warming and Climate Change
• Such increases in temperature are thought to result in changes to the
climate: climate change.
• Climate change could result in:
Homework: CO2 and Climate
a) How does CO2 act as a greenhouse gas?
b) In what form does energy reach the earth’s surface from the sun?
c) What are two other greenhouse gases?
d) How can we know what CO2 concentrations were back in the
e) Are there any advantages associated with climate change?