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Criminal Justice Intro

US Criminal Justice - A Brief and Wonderous History
KWL Chart
Want to Know
Initial Definitions
Take a few minutes to define the term “criminal justice” in your own words
Then, consider these ideas:
What entities interact to make up the criminal justice system?
What is the ideal purpose of criminal justice?
Official Definition
Criminal justice is the _______________________ of laws, rules, and ______________________
designed to hold criminals _________________________ for their misdeeds and help them to restore
their victims as much as possible
Criminal Justice System – Three Branches
Police patrol
The court system consists of
The ________________ system
____________________ to help
attorneys, ______________, and
incorporates all forms of
prevent crimes, to investigate
juries, as well as ancillary staff.
sentencing and
________________ of crime, and The guilt or ________________
__________________. It
to arrest people suspected of
of a suspect is determined in
includes incarceration and
committing crimes.
Colonial Criminal Justice
Colonies operated ____________________
o Criminal codes, ____________________, and courts varied between colonies
Primarily modeled after English ____________________ Law
o Laws based on previously held ____________________ decisions
Included ____________________ and misdemeanors
____________________ was responsible for instigating and financing proceedings
Frequently used corporal punishment, including
o Whipping
o ____________________
o Cutting off ears
o Placing people in ____________________
By mid 1700s – reform movement for unified American ____________________ system
Colonial Policing
o Night watch, mostly ____________________
o Local sheriffs, appointed by ____________________
o ____________________ Militias
Southern colonies – ____________________ patrols
o Slave codes
There were also ____________________ patrols in the North
o CT and NY had their own slave laws
____________________ escaping and rebelling against enslavers
Organized Policing
First proposed by Patrick ____________________ in England - 1797
o Thames River Police
You have to spend money to keep money
o ____________________ losing £500,000 worth of stolen cargo annually
o Invested about £4,200, the new ____________________ began with about 50 men
“Modern” American Policing
Dramatic ____________________ required more organization
____________________ class needed to rid US of “disorder”
1830s – Idea of centralized municipal ____________________ department first emerges in US
____________________ – First to create modern police department - 1838
o New York City – 1845
o ____________________, NY and Chicago, IL – 1851
o All major US cities by 1880s
Emphasis on ____________________ crime control – visibility
“Modern” American Corrections
Crimes historically met with corporal or ____________________ punishment
First ____________________ established in Pennsylvania – Walnut Street Jail 1790
____________________ led to establishment of first “modern” penitentiary – Eastern State
Penitentiary - 1829
Criminal Justice in the US Bill of Rights
Constitutional Amendment
4th Amendment
5th Amendment
6th Amendment
Protections Provided
8th Amendment
14th Amendment