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Are video games harmful for children essay 2

Are video
games harmful
for children?
What do you think are video games harmful or
do they benefit you? Well I’m here to say that they
can benefit you. And for those who disagree, here is
some evidence from some Newsela articles. One
piece of evidence from paragraph 5 is. “Some
children who play violent games are less likely to be
bullies.” Another piece of evidence from Newsela
article 14 is. “The brain’s prefrontal cortex actually
growing thinker in people who play games”
First of all, playing games can improve hand-eye
coordination. This is because in article 15-16 it says
"Noah, who has Asperger's syndrome, a disability that
affects his social skills, started opening up more." This
was by playing 'Minecraft'. This can benefit you
because it can improve hand-eye coordination and it
is fun to play. This is a good thing to do if you are
board, well... if you don’t have homework.
In addition, playing videogames can teach kids
right from wrong. "Professor Mathew Grizzard found
that kid who play bad guys in shooter games, often
feel guilty. It can teach kids to make right decisions
and it can show them the consequences of wrong."
This is very important because it is a fun way to learn.
Unless you somehow don’t like videogames, which is
And for those who think games are not beneficial
then tell me how it says on paragraph 3 it says. "Some
children who play violent videogames are less likely to
be bullies." Still don’t believe me? "Gaming might
burn more calories than just watching TV." It says this
on paragraph 11. This works because when you are
playing videogames you move around more and you
burn more calories by moving. When you are
watching TV, you don't move around much. If you're
like me I first find a comfortable position and curl up
and watch Flash every day for 2 hours.
Due to the facts of playing videogames and how
they can benefit you, videogames are clearly not
harmful to teens. So, don’t forget to save the game
before the controller before you go outside.