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First Monthly Examination in English [G5] (2021-2022)

Victory Elijah Christian College
First Monthly Examination in English 5
Name: _____________________________ Score: _________________ Date: __________
I. Identification:
A. Directions: Read each question carefully and write the common and proper
nouns in each sentence. Make a separate list for common and proper nouns. You
should find 2O proper nouns and 25 common nouns. [45pts.]
Answer: Proper
Lance bought some souvenirs from Malaysia.
Lance, Malaysia
________ 1. Lorminda travels to Guam,
and Bhutan in her plane,
“Alexander Airlines”.
________ 2. She buys and sells goods and
other products all over the
including India and China.
________ 3. She can speak many
languages in
her business.
________ 4. People buy medicines from
her in
Africa and Europe.
________ 5. Her journeys have taken her
the Amazon River.
________ 6. Once she rode a camel
across the
Sahara Desert.
________ 7. In Brazil and Columbia, she
bottled water.
________ 8. From Great Britain and Italy,
purchases cars.
________ 9. Her sales nearly doubted in
last year.
________ 1O. She visits many nations
year, even the United
________ 11. Her most exciting trip took
her to
________ 12. The government of the
taxed her profits heavily.
________ 13. Her partner, Ms. Dusaban,
stays in the office.
________ 14. Poor health keeps her from
________ 15. “Sell Magazine” said their
and companies were
B. Directions: Read each question carefully and write the nouns in each sentence.
The number in parentheses tells you how many nouns are in the sentence.
________ 1. I went with parents to San Fernando, Pampanga. [3]
________ 2. We stayed at a large hotel near the park. [2]
________ 3. My room looked out over the town. [2]
________ 4. The other room had a beautiful mural painted on the wall. [3]
________ 5. We toured San Fernando for three days. [2]
________ 6. My family saw many old homes in interesting neighbourhoods. [3]
________ 7. One day we rented bikes and rode to a landmark in the town. [2]
________ 8. That night we ate dinner at a restaurant. [3]
________ 9. I ate prawns cooked in a delicious sauce. [2]
_______ 1O. Next year we will drive from Laguna to the mountains. [3]
C. Directions: Carefully read the following sentences and identify if it’s an
exclamatory, interrogative, declarative, or imperative sentence. Write your
answers on a separate sheet of paper. [2Opts.]
I have a story to tell.
1. Listen to this story.
11. Jemima began to worry.
2. The lesson is fantastic!
12. Could they scare the pigeons?
3. San Isidro is a small town.
13. Bryce certainly tried!
4. It is filled with birds!
14. They set off firecrackers.
5. They roost all over.
15. They banged pots and pans.
6. Would you like to live there?
16. They even set off flares!
7. Think of the problems!
17. Nothing worked.
8. It was not bad at first.
18. The doves weren’t scared.
9. But people got worse!
19. What more could be done?
1O. Thousands of vultures came.
2O. Use your imagination.