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Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern,
I am honored to highly recommend Miss Chloe for admission, one of the most
deserving students I've had in my 18 years of teaching and a stand out student in my CP
Forensic Science class and Forensic Science Club. Absolutely having the ability to succeed, it
is Chloe's character that places her in a league of her own.
Supported by her straight A's in my class, Chloe is a model student destined for
collegiate success. Going above and beyond, Chloe obtains a deeper understanding of
concepts by further researching topics at home, fine tunes her laboratory skills by repeating
procedures, and accepts the sole responsibility of video recording and posting lab
procedures and results. In addition, Chloe is always prepared, engaged, organized, and has
excellent observational and analytical skills, well-written lab reports, and no issue with
mathematical expressions.
Chloe's love of learning and resilience is without question, remaining enthusiastic and
successful through jarring and varied pandemic driven changes to scheduling, protocol,
atmosphere, and otherwise. Her high school years being far from expected, not once has
Chloe complained about it. She simply adapts and continues to enjoy her education and get
the most out of it.
As a group member or leader, Chloe is invaluable. As I've experienced first hand in both
forensics class and club, Others enjoy working with Chloe and benefit by doing so. She draws
people in with her contagious enthusiasm, likeability, delivery, and mix of logic and empathy.
Her intelligence and ability challenges high achievers and her understanding and support
helps less confident students feel comfortable.
Chloe is extremely likeable and easy to be around. She has a balance of self-assurance
and humility that creates a comfortable atmosphere and is a genuinely good natured and
jovial person.
I highly recommend Chloe for admission. I have no doubt she will impress you as she
has me and many others. If you need any further information please feel free to email me at
Ms. Denise Talmadge
Clifton High School