Reading Log Notice and Note Reading Project

Reading Log
Notice and Note Reading
Due: Fri. February, 26th 2016
This is worth 60%.
Name __________________________________________
Book Title _____________________________________
Academic Honesty Contract: “I have read all of the pages documented below. I understand that if it
is discovered that I have not read the book, and have signed my signature below, I will receive a
failing grade of 60%.” Student Signature_________________________________________________________________
Pages read
___ to ___
Pgs. 1-25
Summary/reflection of your reading:
Talk about characters, the problem, interesting events, setting, predictions, questions
you have, connections to your life, etc.
The story started out with a description of the main character Chloe. It was
interesting to see how they made her seem so real. She reminds me of my friend
Claire. They also talked about a boy in her class. Will she like him by the end of
the book?
Use your own paper for additional reading log entries, or download and print a copy from my website.