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Awe research recruitment

Invitation to Participate
A Middlesex University London (UK) Research Project
A sense of respect, wonder, connectedness, and being part of
something larger than the self.
Awe is an experience that can evoke a sense of wonder, mystery,
and feelings of being connected to something larger than ourselves.
We may feel awe in the presence of nature, art, or people. Awe
can be encountered in a moment of grandeur or in our daily lives.
There is growing research interest in the phenomenon of awe, but
few studies capture the lived experiences of awe that impact one's
sense of connectedness with the world.
Have you experienced awe, and felt a sense of connectedness
and engagement with the world?
Has that experience impacted you or shifted your perspectives
on life?
Are you aged between 40 to 65 years old?
If yes to all of the above, I'd love to invite you to share your
experiences in my research project. Write to me at
beinginawe@gmail.com for more information about the study.his
study is conducted by Tilda Yeow with ethical approval from
Middlesex University London UK as part of the Doctoral
Programme in Existential Psychotherapy.
Researcher: Tilda Yeow
Supervisor: Dr Simon Cassar