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Purim+Pesach5782 Bulletin FINAL

Get to know our incredible team! LEARN how
they rose to the occasion during the pandemic!
Purim 5782
at Holy Blossom
Sunday, March 13, 2:00-4:00 pm
Make some noise – and not just when Haman’s name is said – because Holy Blossom’s
Family Purim Carnival is back! We’re thrilled to welcome families to our in-person,
outdoor Purim Carnival in the Dewbourne parking lot rain/snow or shine. Featuring a
Magen Boys dance party – with prizes!
With gratitude to Carole & Jay Sterling for their generous gift of sponsorship.
Wednesday, March 16, 1:00-4:00 pm
Calling all kids in kindergarten to grade 5! Join us for our second round of Camp
Blossom, this time in person at HBT! For one afternoon only, we will be gather on Purim
to have fun with friends.
Wednesday, March 16, 6:30-7:30 pm
Is it time to be together again at Holy Blossom Temple? You bet! You are in for a special
treat this year with a Purim twist on the music of ABBA.
“Mama Mia”, “SOS”, “Honey Honey”, “Take a Chance on Me”, “When Haman Takes It
All”, “Shushan Queen” and more! Under the brilliant direction of Vinnie Sestito, who
leads Alexander Showcase Theatre here in Toronto, our shpielers are busy memorizing
lines and music, rehearsing scenes and creating laughs to make this shpiel one to
remember. This is serious business . We’ll join together with a few Purim songs,
followed by the Megillah reading, then present our Shpiel: “Mama Mia Megillah.”
With gratitude to Carole & Jay Sterling for their generous gift of sponsorship.
Treats on the Go sponsored by Holy Blossom Temple Brotherhood.
Wednesday, March 16, 7:30 pm
for more information & registration!
Pesach &
Rabbinic Reflection
From the President
Inaugural Presentation of the President’s Award
From the Executive Director
Making Choral Music During a Pandemic
Let's Hear it for the Assistants/Assistance!
Oh Canada… Oh Israel
Celebrating Our Educators!
Our Congregational Family
In Memoriam
We Thank Our Generous Donors
Pesach & Spring Festivals 5782
On the cover: Chag Purim Sameach! While the celebrations are
real, this Bulletin's cover is all in jest. Our Cantor is very much here
and cannot wait to join with you in joyous worship and song. And
our Executive Director, Rachel Malach, LOVES a good spin of the
Greggor. We hope you enjoy the HBT Enquirer!
We have no comment on the status of the hamentaschen
“Models of Change”*
Rabbi Yael Splansky,
Senior Rabbi
For a year now, many Jewish
leaders have been talking
about Yochanan ben Zakkai,
who is remembered in one of our
sanctuary’s stained-glass windows.
Why is this hero of Jewish history under the spotlight
again now? Because Yochanan ben Zakkai is an emblem of
radical change. Many believe that whenever we get on the
other side of this pandemic, we will experience a Judaism
altogether different from the one we’ve known. It will take
creativity and courage, and so we should take inspiration
from Yochanan ben Zakkai. Bits of his story are recorded
in the Talmud. When Jerusalem was under siege in the first
century, he had the foresight to know that without The
Temple, without the structure of kohanim and sacrifices,
Judaism would be lost forever. He arranged for his students
to smuggle him out of the city walls in a casket as if for burial.
He met with Vespatian, the general of the Roman legion, and
predicted that Vespatian would become the next emperor
of Rome. Yochanan ben Zakkai was rewarded with a wish.
What was his wish? “Give me Yavneh and its disciples.”
With permission from Rome, he established a new seat for
Rabbinic Judaism to take hold.
Yochanan ben Zakkai is a pivotal figure of Jewish history. Had
it not been for his radical imagination, Judaism would have
died with the destruction of Jerusalem’s Temple. Thanks to
him, Biblical Judaism could give way to Rabbinic Judaism,
which is the root of the Judaism all Jews practice today.
However, I choose to believe that this pandemic, which has
been dramatic and traumatic does not require revolution,
but rather evolution. And we are already well on our way. So
with all due respect to Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai, I choose a
different model for the time of change we face today. I do not
look to Yavneh, but to the lesser-known Galilean city of Usha.
The Sanhedrin met in Usha in and around the year 140.
There had been seventy more years of upheaval and strain
on Jewish life under Hadrian’s rule. We went into a kind of
lockdown. When the debilitating restrictions were beginning
to loosen, Rabbi Yehudah bar Ilai and six other leaders, sent a
message out to the Jewish communities of the Galilee, saying:
“Let anyone who is learned, come to teach! Let anyone who
is not yet schooled in Torah, come and learn!” And they
did. One by one, people began to emerge from their hiding
places. They gathered in Usha to teach, to learn, to pray
together, and to support one another. They raised up a whole
new generation that, in turn, gave rise to a renewed and
flourishing Judaism that would last another 1900 years and
then some.
Thank God, we can now, once again, emerge safely from
our hiding places. With vaccinations, masks, and distancing,
we can once again be a congregation that congregates. It is
time to put out the word: “Let anyone who is learned, come
and teach! Let anyone who is not fully schooled in Torah,
come and learn!” This is the time to gather, to build up one
another’s confidence in the Jewish future. We will create it
Our schools are reopened. Our weekday morning and
Shabbat services are open. Our life cycle celebrations are
opening. Our professionals have returned to their offices,
and our volunteers are returning to their places of leadership.
Much of Holy Blossom life will remain online, too, of course.
Technology is a power tool for congregational life now. We
are embracing it and investing in it. And… there is nothing
like “being here.” So we encourage you to reclaim your
place in our beautifully renewed and spacious Holy Blossom
Temple. We have missed you terribly.
The Shabbat of March 18/19 marks the two-year
anniversary of when we first went into lockdown just
after Purim, 2020. We will celebrate our endurance with a
“Mask and Mingle” in the Schwartz/Reisman Atrium, with
the first optional congregational Kiddush-lunch on the
lower level, and the first day of spring!
In Praise of our Professional Team
This bulletin is a celebration of our team of professionals,
who have endured radical change in the workplace. For
two years, our reduced staff was working primarily from
their own kitchen tables. They have been innovative and
resilient. Teachers have learned new skills for online learning.
Administrators have created new systems to coordinate and
communicate. Rabbis and Cantors have learned to lead a
congregation we cannot see or hear. It has not been easy.
This bulletin is dedicated to the good people – the veterans
and the newcomers – who have worked tirelessly to maintain
Temple life throughout the pandemic. Thank Goodness for
*(These reflections are excerpts from Rabbi Splansky’s sermon
given on February 22, 2022)
Holy Blossom Temple | 4
Avra Rosen, Temple President
I recently participated in the
biannual meeting of the
President’s Council, a dynamic
group composed of Holy
Blossom’s Past Presidents and
Wardens. As I spoke to them,
I described that unforgettable
moment on March 12, 2020, when it
became clear to me, Rabbi Splansky and
our former Executive Director Ron Polster that like other
organizations and schools, Holy Blossom Temple would also
have to close its doors. It was our COVID tipping point. I
could never have imagined then that two years later, I would
still be chairing and participating in my Temple meetings on
Zoom. Hopefully, it will not be for that much longer and by
Pesach, we can be together with a small number of family
and friends, sharing the marvel of surviving this plague and
remembering those we have lost.
The tides of this pandemic have hopefully turned. With the
loosening of restrictions and our adjustment to living with
this virus, it is time to plan for tomorrow in all aspects of our
lives; from personal decisions that we have put on hold, to
the return to our workplaces and of course, to fully reopening
Holy Blossom Temple and welcoming all of you home.
Over these past two years, we have learned so much about
the congregation, our members, their needs, technology,
creative programming, hybrid tools for education, volunteer
engagement and so many other facets of what we, at Holy
Blossom Temple, do on a day-to-day basis. While our pillars
of identity of prayer, learning, belonging, performing acts
of service, and celebrating Israel, remain core values for us,
we like you have also changed in these past two years when
our doors were closed. We have successfully grown our
membership, raised more funds through sponsorship and
our annual campaign than in prior years, and we were able
to bring you a variety of programs to connect with you in
different ways and enrich the lives of our community.
We have also experienced changes in our staff and clergy,
some of which are reported in this Bulletin. It has been
a pleasure to work with the new team that our Executive
Director, Rachel Malach, has put together since late August
2021. Soon, we will be welcoming two Rabbis to Holy
Blossom in June, and saying goodbye to Rabbi Goodman,
who has been an integral part of our clergy team since he
joined Holy Blossom in July 2019. We wish him, Katie, Abe
and of course, their new baby who will be born in May,
much happiness on their return to Cincinnati where Rabbi
Goodman studied, he and Katie met, Katie grew up, and he
will be working with Rabbi Thomashow at The Wise Temple.
Many of you met Rabbi Sam Kaye, who will be stepping
into the shoes of Associate Rabbi, when he was a summer
intern here 5 years ago, and his then-fiancée and now wife
Taylor Baruchel, and it is exciting to welcome them and their
daughter Selah back to Holy Blossom Temple, as well as soon
to be ordained Rabbi Eliza McCarroll, who is from Sydney,
Australia. My husband Mark and I had the opportunity to
host Eliza when she was in Toronto for her interviews in
early February, and I can confidently say we are fortunate to
have her as our next Assistant Rabbi.
I would be remiss in not acknowledging the toil that these
past two years have taken on our clergy and staff. Each of
them has not only gone the extra mile, but they have each
shown us every day their commitment and dedication to our
incredible organization, and I continue to be in awe of all of
them, as I have mentioned on earlier occasions. They are the
superstars of Holy Blossom Temple and when you do return
to our building, show them your gratitude with a smile and a
few words. Your support goes miles.
Since the installation of the new Board of Directors in
December 2021, I have been planning for tomorrow at Holy
Blossom Temple. I have been waiting a long time for this
moment. We are re-engaging the strategic plan undertaken
in February 2020 and which was near completion by July
2020 when it became obvious that it could not be finalized
until the pandemic was over so that the strategic plan is
responsive to what we have learned at and about Holy
Blossom Temple from this pandemic. With the Board
of Directors and our senior staff and clergy, we held a
Board Retreat, and have been continuing those important
discussions, where we considered and named the biggest
challenges we anticipate facing when our doors are fully
open to welcome you back with open arms, including
Membership Engagement, Youth Education and our Shabbat
Project. It is time to be innovative by strategically defining
the roles for our volunteers as we continue to be an engaged
congregation. Holy Blossom Temple has extraordinary
volunteers. As I mentioned in my article for the Chanukkah
2021 Bulletin, the presentation of the inaugural President’s
Award to Jacque and Tom Friedland on December 1, 2021,
honouring their outstanding volunteerism to Holy Blossom,
would be described in this Bulletin, including photos from
the presentation, and you will find that on the following
page. Describing the various volunteer positions, including
volunteer roles that will be responsive to the strategic
plan, recognizes the impact that members have when they
are engaged as volunteers. If you have not already, I hope
that you are ready to step forward in this new culture of
engagement, as there are so many rewarding volunteer
opportunities at Holy Blossom Temple.
With these changes, I look forward to seeing all of you
Bulletin Purim & Pesach 5782 | 5
The Board of Directors approved the President’s Award in late 2021. This is not an annual award. It is by the
nomination of the President, to honour an outstanding member or members of Holy Blossom Temple and
recognize their long-standing commitment to volunteering their time and talent by making a significant
contribution to Holy Blossom Temple, as approved by the Board of Directors. The recipient must be a member in
good standing of Holy Blossom Temple for a minimum of 10 consecutive years. The criteria, as approved by the
Board, include:
Demonstrate an outstanding and/or noteworthy achievement on a voluntary basis to Holy Blossom Temple.
Consideration will be given to the impact, the reach, the engagement, the challenges, and the inspiration
of the recipient’s contributions to the synagogue. Some or all of the following criteria will be considered. A
demonstration of:
depth of commitment;
impact of contributions;
innovative ideas that support Holy Blossom Temple’s vision and strategic direction;
leadership and ability to work with others effectively and professionally;
values of integrity, accountability and excellence;
degree of difficulty of achievement;
nature and length of activities or volunteer service;
achievement as an individual or as part of a committee within Holy Blossom Temple.
The inaugural recipients of the President’s Award were Jacque Friedland and Tom Friedland. They received the
Award from President Avra Rosen on December 1, 2022. Individually, each of them has certainly demonstrated all
of these criteria, but together as a couple, their contributions are truly extraordinary.
Jacque Friedland: Jacque is an actuary and a senior director at the office of the Superintendent of Financial
Institutions. She is the 58th President of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, having earlier served on their Board
where she was engaged in many volunteer capacities. She is the author of two actuarial textbooks. As a lay leader
at Holy Blossom, Jacque volunteered for many years with Out of The Cold, served as its co-chair, has been very
involved in Holy Blossom’s Women’s Advocacy Group, the Women’s Seder and since 2015, she has spearheaded
refugee resettlement with members from Holy Blossom in partnership with JIAS, the Jewish immigration Aid
Services of Toronto to work closely and sponsor and support at least 30 refugees from Syria, Iraq, Rwanda, Eritrea,
Iran and other countries.
Holy Blossom Temple | 6
Tom Friedland: Tom is a litigator and partner at
Goodman. Tom recently stepped down from the
Board of Directors, having sat around its table
since 2003. Tom was chair of membership, was
involved in Out of the Cold, sits on the Governance
Committee and the House Committee and chaired
the Renewal Steering committee, working tirelessly
for so many years to further Holy Blossom’s
objective. Throughout the project, Tom regularly
reported to the Board, was involved in preparing
budgets, and worked with our contractor, even in
difficult times, with integrity. More recently, Tom
has been an active member of the COVID Cabinet.
When not fulfilling any of these responsibilities
and contributions, Jacque and Tom are very proud
parents of Michael, David and Elliot.
Each President will choose the physical award that
is befitting of the recipient and their contributions
to Holy Blossom. In the place of there being one
award which is kept at Holy Blossom, having a
unique award in the recipients’ home, reminds them
of our appreciation and gratitude for their many
contributions to their second home, Holy Blossom
Avra Rosen presented a modern colourful
Chanukkiah to Jacque and Tom. She explained at
the presentation its symbolism, including that it
was being presented on Chanukah, it was purchased
from the Woman of Holy Blossom Judaica shop
in our beautiful atrium, it was uniquely made by
an Israeli artist, Yair Emanuel, and each colour
represented different aspects of Jacque and Tom’s
contributions to Holy Blossom, including the guests
that come to our Out of the Cold program, the
refugees Jacque has helped resettle in our beautiful
country, the new colour of Holy Blossom taken
from our beautiful circular staircase in the atrium
representing renewal and our beautiful building,
green for the stenographer pads that Tom has been
keeping since he started sitting on the Board and
red, one of his ink colours.
The Inaugural Presentation of the President's Award
was generously sponsored by:
Joan Garson & David Baskin, David & Gillian
Rosenberg, Cary & Lisa Solomon, Brenda Spiegler &
Mark S. Anshan, Rabbi Yael Splanksy & Adam Sol, Avra
Rosen & Mark Goodman, and Jack & Judy Winberg.
Bulletin Purim & Pesach 5782 | 7
Rachel Malach, Executive Director
I feel privileged each and every day to be working with such a talented and dedicated
group of team members at Holy Blossom Temple. I am thrilled to have the
opportunity in this issue of the Bulletin to highlight staff on our professional team
who joined Holy Blossom Temple around the High Holy Days and beyond. I can’t wait
for everyone in the congregation to get to know all of our professional team better as
we return more fully to congregational life over the coming weeks and months.
Please join me in welcoming the wonderful professionals who have joined HBT recently and in thanking our
entire team, including Deanna Levy our Director of Communications & Marketing who put together this
fabulous Bulletin – I feel blessed to lead this amazing group. I, too, look forward to meeting many of you that I
have not yet had the pleasure of meeting in person. Welcome, and welcome back to all!
Shira Lester, Director of Development & Donor Engagement
Shira Lester was welcomed to the Holy Blossom professional team as Director of
Development & Donor Engagement toward the end of January 2022.
Shira brings extensive knowledge and experience having served in various fundraising
roles in Jewish organizations over the course of her career including UJA Federation
Toronto, Canadian Friends of Tel-Aviv University, and most recently as the Director of
Development (Toronto) for Weizmann Canada. She also brings with her former experience
as Executive Director of Mazon Canada and the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada (Toronto).
On a personal level, Shira deeply understands the importance of synagogue life and is excited to be part of
securing the future for Holy Blossom Temple.
I can’t wait for the congregation to meet Shira, and her adorable poodle, Turner, who may pop up on Zoom if
Rachel “Sas” Saslove, Interim Director of Membership & Community Engagement
Rachel Saslove, a.k.a. “Sas”, joined the Holy Blossom professional team as Interim Director
of Membership & Community Engagement in early January. Sas worked directly with Abigail
Nemzer (formerly Carpenter-Winch) to hand over leading these important areas of Temple
during Abigail’s parental leave.
Sas brings a wealth of experience to Holy Blossom Temple through her longtime work as a
professional in the Jewish Camping world in both the US and Canada, as well as through her
professional and volunteer roles at various other Jewish Community organizations in Toronto such as the UJA,
Taglit Birthright Israel, March of the Living International, URJ Camp George, and Hillel of Greater Toronto. Sas is
no stranger to Holy Blossom Temple as she grew up in the Reform movement in Toronto and has fond memories
of city-wide youth group events at Temple. I am thrilled that Sas has joined the HBT Professional team and want to
take this opportunity to wish Abigail and Sarah mazel tov on the birth of their child, Kedem Aviv.
Bridgedat Ramcaran, Senior Property & Facilities Manager
Bridge Ramcaran began as Holy Blossom Temple’s Senior Property & Facilities Manager
just in time for Chanukah.
He brings to Holy Blossom significant experience and expertise in the areas of Property
& Facilities having worked in Commercial Property Management Operations and
Holy Blossom Temple | 8
Maintenance in roles with increasing responsibility for over a decade. He comes to us most recently from
Crown Property Management where he was overseeing three Class A towers in Toronto and managed the
building operations teams as well as numerous ongoing capital projects.
Bridge is a welcome addition to our Facilities team, many of whom you may not have had the chance to
meet yet. I know you will all join me in thanking and welcoming the fabulous Facilities Department as a
whole, including Dante Thorne, George Theologou, Jaivahn Johnson, and our Cemetery Supervisor, Mark
Hodgson. We are blessed to have an amazing Facilities Team to take care of all the physical areas of our
beloved Temple.
Sharoni Sibony, Adult Education Coordinator
Shortly before the High Holy Days, Sharoni joined the HBT team. She is an experienced
educator and life-long learner across multiple disciplines, including Jewish Studies,
Jewish Literature and local Toronto history. She has an impressive background in
Jewish communal work at the managerial and directorial levels with such organizations
as Limmud, Kolel at the Prosserman Centre, and Miles Nadal JCC, where she managed
the Jewish Life Department and ran the Downtown Jewish Community Council.
Sharoni brings to Holy Blossom her wide range of knowledge, experience and expertise in organizational
management and educational programming, her tremendous networking skills, and deep engagement
within the Jewish Community life. As well she has tremendous enthusiasm and a fresh perspective that
already have begun to breathe new life into our Adult Education program and offerings.
Prakash Singh, Financial Controller
Prakash Singh will join Holy Blossom Temple to lead the Finance team the week after
For over two decades, Prakash has dedicated his accounting and finance skills to the
public and not-for-profit sectors both here in Canada and worldwide at organizations
such as, the Jane Goodall Institute, Dignitas International, Journalists for Human
Rights, and Save the Children Canada. He brings to us a wealth of experience in managing
finance, implementing key accounting systems and software, improving processes, budget forecasting,
conducting internal audits, and HR management.
Furthermore, Prakash has a lifelong dream to travel to Israel. We look forward to welcoming Prakash to the
Holy Blossom family.
Gazelle Communications: David Liss, Chief Executive Officer
Holy Blossom Temple made the move to have our IT services managed by Gazelle Communications
Corporation as of October 2021. The team at Gazelle, led by CEO David Liss, has been extremely supportive
in the transition and taking over our IT area that was in need of significant updates. With thanks for your
patience as we continue to upgrade our IT infrastructure, systems, hardware, and software, including our
phone system and cybersecurity. I can assure the congregation we are in good hands for our growing IT
needs. Please visit: www.gazellecorporation.com/company to learn more about Gazelle Communications.
Bulletin Purim & Pesach 5782 | 9
Cantor David Rosen, Senior Cantor
If you take the time to ask me and
my colleagues the most
challenging part of the
pandemic, they will tell you that
has been the ability to make
music. As a cantor and a
musician, I have been challenged
in more ways than I ever thought
possible during the past two years.
rehearsals that quickly turned into “super spreader”
events. Singing in groups quickly came prohibited and
singers and musicians needed to come up with an
alternate plan.
One of the first ways of trying to deal with singing in
public was the use of a singing mask. This “duckbill” style
mask was all the rage in the beginning and has become
widely adopted as singers and choirs begin to gather once
again. While they do the job, I can assure you that they
are far from comfortable, mute the sound and create
challenges for breathing; the lifeline of any singer! There
were even masks made for wind instruments such as
clarinet and saxophone…certainly not ideal, but
Every system and procedure that I used to take for
granted when it comes to creating music has been
forefront and questioned. From needing to sing in a
separate space to not being able to rehearse music in
close proximity to others, to singing with Karaoke tracks
has made music and prayer making extremely challenging
We have all experienced the “Hollywood Squares” virtual
during these times.
choir video. Familiar faces mouthing out of sync words to
If I was to pick one of the greatest musical challenges of
a melody…and while the finished product usually sounds
the past year, it would probably have to be the production pretty good (depending on which device you choose to
of choral music. We have missed our Temple Singers
listen to it), it is a process that takes a tremendous
terribly at services. And I want to commend each of them amount of time and effort compared to the performance
for how they have adapted, kept their spirits high and
of that music in a live setting. Rehearsals on Zoom are
continued to make music during unprecedented times
less than ideal as it is virtually impossible to sing together
under less than ideal circumstances.
in real-time without extremely powerful internet and
very expensive audio equipment. As a result, each singer
If you think about what choir rehearsals and
must remain muted while the accompanist plays each
performances used to look like pre-pandemic, it was
part and the conductor scrolls the music on the screen.
pretty simple. As a chorister, you show up to rehearsal at
a designated time. No pre-COVID screening, monitoring It is not a simple process to prepare a choir video. While
symptoms or masks in which to contend with. You stand it is rewarding to see and hear the final product, nothing
in close proximity to other singers that are singing your
can replace the music that a choir can create in real-time
musical part. You also stand close to other singers who
and in person.
are singing other parts and by listening to those around
While I could continue to reflect on how difficult these
you, the choir is able to create a beautiful blend of
efforts have been at times, I do want to say that I have
harmonies by hearing each other and following the
also learned more new skills in the past two years than I
conductor and accompanist for guidance in rhythm,
could have ever imagined. This is especially true when it
diction and pitch. After you learn the piece, it is ready to
comes to audio and video recording as well as livestream
be performed at the next service/concert, etc. This is the
production and editing. We have all pivoted in ways that
manner in which choirs have been rehearsing for
were unimaginable and in the end, this shows the ability
centuries. It is a tried and true formula and no doubt
of the human spirit to adapt and evolve; something that
produces the best sound possible for a choral ensemble.
as human beings we have done for centuries over and
How has making choral music changed during the pandemic? over again!
In the early days of the pandemic, choral singing and
singing, in general, were seen as one of the most
dangerous methods of spreading the virus. Those choirs
that chose to go on with “business as usual” saw
May we soon again the joy of singing together live both as
a choir and a Kehila Kedosha, a holy congregation.
Holy Blossom Temple | 10
Rabbi Zachary Goodman, Assistant Rabbi
It is with mixed emotions that
I share with you my family's
plans to return to Cincinnati
this summer. I have recently
accepted a position as the
Associate Rabbi at Isaac M.
Wise Temple; the congregation
where Katie and I were married
and in close proximity to family.
There is so much work to be done before we say
goodbye and please know that I am eager to continue
this sacred work with you.
Over the past few years, I have considered myself
incredibly lucky to call Holy Blossom my community
and Toronto my home. It has been a true honour to
learn from Rabbi Splansky and to begin my rabbinate
with her leadership and mentorship. I joined the Holy
Blossom community specifically to work for and learn
from our incredible Senior Rabbi and I will be eternally
grateful for Rabbi Splansky’s guidance and friendship.
here for you through times of hardship. I am forever
grateful, for the trust you placed in me when bringing
your loved ones to their resting places and visiting
with mourners. We have been through the collective
trauma of coping with COVID together, and for
that, we will forever be connected. It has also been
an honour beyond expression to stand beneath the
chuppah with many wedding couples, to bring new
Jewish souls to the waters of the Mikveh, to call Bnei
Mitzvah to Torah, and to bring many “Little Blossoms”
into the covenant.
As my family begins to prepare for the arrival of
another little one and our international move, we
know there will be more opportunities to get together
and say our "See You Soons". On behalf of Katie,
Abraham, and myself, thank you all for embracing us
and for teaching me so much during our time together.
To borrow a phrase from another one of my Holy
Blossom mentors, Rabbi Jordan Helfman, who
reflected on his time at Holy Blossom, saying: “I have
taught some and learned much.” I could not agree
more. I have learned deeply, fostered meaningful
relationships, and have felt the warm embrace of this
community - even through a pandemic.
I am proud of the wonderful programs and initiatives
we ran together during my time at Holy Blossom. It
was a pleasure collaborating with many incredible
lay leaders involved with the Israel Engagement
committee, Luke Sklar Mental Health Initiative,
Mondays @ The Temple/ Dorot, Bikur Cholim
Committee, Young Adult Division, and so many
more. I have been privileged to serve this community
together with an exceptional clergy team, wonderful
professional staff, and the most committed
congregants. Above all else, I will truly miss the
relationships we have fostered together.
In my first few years of the rabbinate, here at Holy
Blossom, I have learned that there is a big difference
between being a rabbi and being someone’s rabbi;
celebrating with you in moments of simcha and
To honour Rabbi Goodman's leadership, you
may wish to make a donation to the Young Adult
Division (YAD). This Tzedakah will support
the social, educational, and Shabbat/Holiday
experiences for our 20s and 30s cohort.
Please visit holyblossom.org/donate/ to donate
online in honour of Rabbi Goodman.
Rabbi Goodman's Shabbat L'hitraot will be
Saturday, May 21, 2022.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Bulletin Purim & Pesach 5782 | 11
Ellen Cole, Vice President, Administration
Scattered throughout Holy Blossom is an incredible group of diligent assistants – to
Administration, to Education, to Clergy.
This is the very heartbeat of our congregation – they keep everything moving, with
integrity, compassion, and a lot of very hard work. Two years into the pandemic, I
checked in to see how they have been managing – with isolation, personal highs and
lows – and what their hopes are for the future at Holy Blossom.
Iris Spitz
Iris is the Assistant to Cantor
Rosen and Cantorial Soloist
Lindi Rivers and is the Temple’s
funeral coordinator.
JoAnne Bieman
JoAnne is the Assistant to
Rabbis Splansky, Goodman and
Moscowitz. She is, of course,
grateful for Zoom to stay
connected. In fact, though they
couldn’t see each other on an
informal daily basis, JoAnne
thinks they have learned more
about each other through their
frequent check-ins.
JoAnne is stalwart in her role
supporting worship at Temple.
She keeps things moving and
connected for each of her
rabbis and for our members.
She is a pillar on the team
through the relationships she
has cultivated with congregants
and colleagues. She is looking
forward to connecting with
everyone in person again!
Despite the challenges of making
arrangements during COVID,
Iris has found it meaningful to
bring comfort to the mourners
in these difficult times. But the
joyous part of her work is liaising
with the B’nei Mitzvah and their
families and to help coordinate
musical events. None of these
have stopped for COVID.
Iris actually started with HBT
during the pandemic and has had
to get to know everyone online.
Cindy Zimmer
Cindy is the Manager of Member
and Donor services. One of the
challenges she faced were the
constantly changing regulations
for funerals and gatherings
but met it with increased
communications and protocols
to keep everyone safe. She has
always worked very closely with
the funeral coordinator and
the Cemetery Committee and
is happy to have such a great
working relationship with them.
Over and above that, she’s proud
of how we’ve all supported each
other throughout the pandemic.
Holy Blossom Temple | 12
Anna Gurevich
Anna is our Foundation
Associate in the Department
of Development. Her COVID
experience began with her mat
leave, and she returned to a
Zoom environment, adjusting to
helping people via squares.
The departure of Ellen Ostofsky
and the loss of Judy Amsterdam
meant that many fulfilment
tasks fell to the assistants.
Anna worked closely with the
numerous committees that
have raised necessary funds for
ongoing programs.
Ella Vatagsky
Ella is our bookkeeper, and
in that role she processes all
donations and contributions as
well as issuing cheques to our
She has had to work with
communication and technology
issues – who hasn’t!
But Zoom has enabled this team
to work together and begin to
streamline our processes.
Lindsay Mockler
Neomi Offman
Lindsay is our Life Cycle
Coordinator and assists Adjuncct
Rabbi Tepper and incoming
Rabbi Kaye. With the departure
of some senior staff and other
colleagues, Lindsay, like her
co-workers, has taken on more
tasks. But they have embraced
these additional responsibilities
because of their love for Holy
Blossom. They have reached
out with flexibility, patience,
and kindness, while facing job
insecurity and many personal
challenges. But – on the bright
side – we have been able to
attract a wider circle to our
worship from beyond the GTA.
As Education Admin Assistant
for ECC, YEC, and Adult Ed,
Neomi works in the one area of
Temple that has remained open
– the Early Childhood Centre,
which is thriving as we adapt to
COVID protocols and keep up
communication with parents
and children – all with the staff
working onsite!
Adult Ed is also thriving – albeit
online. Every Tuesday our Good
Books program attracts over 100
Kol Hakavod to this incredible team. They value and acknowledge their collegial connections and are grateful
for the support from part-time staff who give their all: Sophie Rivers in the Edcuation Department, Randi Rose
in Finance, and Amy Lester and Stacey Silver covering the all-important reception desk! They work as team
supporting one another and are grateful for the leadership of our new Executive Director, Rachel Malach. They
are all looking forward to a renewed social connection, seeing smiling faces in the Atrium, and a vibrant full
sanctuary. And they are hopeful that we will all remember what we have learned.
Bulletin Purim & Pesach 5782 | 13
Rabbi Bill S. Tepper, Adjunct Rabbi
Once upon a time...
Rabbis gathered in Temple and synagogue sanctuaries for shacharit, ma’ariv, Shabbat
and the holiday worship moments that beautify our year. We also assembled in our
libraries, meeting rooms and atriums for Torah Study and Adult Education, hear
and learn from guest speakers, support our committees and activity/support groups,
and enjoy musical events. And our youth came together for Jewish learning and to
enhance their view of the world. As rabbis, few experiences bring us more satisfaction
than the person-to-person celebration of our Judaism: presenting a sermon, dynamic
conversation, teaching and learning, and participating in life’s milestones. And we rarely, if ever, overlook
enjoying a good nosh together, either!
And then...
Everything dramatically changed. For the past two years, a rabbi’s anticipation of and preparation for worship,
learning, committee meetings, group activity and time in the company of our youth has come to depend upon
a strong WIFI connection, sound computer system, a working knowledge of ZOOM (including though not
limited to screen-sharing and remembering when to mute and unmute) and other virtual platforms. Also, a
must: a comfortable chair (with an OBUS form for me), physical and mental stamina, and a healthy dose of
patience for the visual, audio, or internet issues that will with regularity arise, even as we avoid knocking a
coffee cup onto our keyboards...
But someday...
Rabbis will return to celebrating our Judaism the way we – distantly, and with much affection – once did. The
engagement with others we so fervently long for will resume. The refrain ‘Lights...Camera...Rabbi!’ will be
stored away for future use. And we will never take the experiences among our communities, nor our pride
and joy in congregational life, for granted ever again.
Holy Blossom Temple | 14
Anna Gurevich, Foundation Associate
The story of my life
As a proud Russian-born Israeli, now living in Toronto, I know how to adapt and
connect with different people and cultures. But nothing prepared me for the
challenges and loneliness I felt when my spouse and I arrived in Canada just weeks
before the High Holidays of 2017 without any family or friends. Looking for a way to
feel the holiday, which is something that I never had to think about in Israel, I quickly
discovered how active one needs to be living in the diaspora. Luckily for me, I also
quickly discovered a supportive and welcoming community. From the first moment I set
foot in Holy Blossom Temple during Kol Nidre, I was greeted as an old friend.
Arriving here, I worried about keeping my connection to Israel. There were deeper links I didn’t want to
lose. I needed to do more than just reading Israeli news or speaking with friends. I needed the culture: the
language, ritual, everyday habits, music, and art. HBT has all of it. The passionate way the rabbis speak about
Israel is uplifting, and the courageous way the organization balances tradition with challenging modern issues
is admirable.
So, HBT was a natural fit for my first Canadian job, following my Master’s degree. I knew that I could lead
with my Israeli qualities, combining my passion for community building with my constant curiosity for
learning about North American Jews. Here, I can ask questions that deepen my understanding of Canadian
life, sharpen my language skills, and give back to a community that supports me, and so many others. Here,
I get to mix my Israeli Chutzpah with Canadian courtesy to say ‘yes’. Then, we work as a team on how to
achieve that ‘yes’ together. Here, I found my home away from home.
In my role as Foundation Associate, I’m inspired by so many people in this community, from volunteers to
directors to donors. I have stretched and grown along with changes in the Department of Development and
the Foundation, especially during the COVID years. Throughout the pandemic, my role ballooned out to
include evaluating campaign and program effectiveness and leading donor stewardship. This role, and the
people of HBT, helped me become the skilled fundraising professional that I am today.
HBT also helps me to give back. It gives me purpose. It’s another way my identity and culture are valued.
Volunteering with Out of the Cold and the Young Adult Division integrates these things. I help other
newcomers discover new possibilities. Just recently, I made a connection with another Israeli newcomer
looking for a place to celebrate their son’s Bar Mitzvah. They felt hopeless and questioned if this journey was
even possible here. Proudly, I connected them to HBT, knowing that they will have the support to conduct the
service according to the Jewish and egalitarian tradition.
No matter what challenges I face – from buying my first car in Canada, to addressing complex immigration
issues, to building strong professional relationships – my colleagues, rabbis and community have my back.
I consider myself lucky and am grateful. My hope is that other newcomers find what they need in this
community, just like I do.
Bulletin Purim & Pesach 5782 | 15
Lisa Isen Baumal, Principal of Youth Education and Family Engagement & Wendy Steinberg Himmel, Director, ECC
The Purim and Passover stories provide an important framework for the resilience of the Jewish people. Purim
reminds us of resilience during a time when individuals were seen as outsiders based on their differences in beliefs
and religions. Passover reminds us of our ancestors overcoming adversity that once we were slaves but today we
are free.
As we, once again, prepare to celebrate upcoming holidays of Purim and Passover, we would like to recognize
the resilience and strength of our teachers. They are pictures of perseverance, demonstrating patience and
determination, as classrooms and protocols shift and change. Our extraordinary teams of teachers both in the ECC
and the YEC are constantly sharpening their skills to develop unique, creative and meaningful experiences that
foster Jewish identity, engage learners and create community.
Simply put, our ECC and YEC teachers have risen to the occasion throughout these past two years, and the Holy
Blossom community continues to be strengthened by their dedication. Read on to hear directly from some of our
teachers how they have experienced these past two years:
Sylvia Papernick
I’m very good at smizing. What is smizing, you ask? It means to smile with your eyes.
During this period of the pandemic, when we are wearing masks in school, the children may
have difficulty understanding and reading our expressions. But through my eyes, I can let
them know I'm glad to see them, that we're enjoying an activity together, or just sharing a
Tali Weiss
Over the last two years, I have learned how to make online content. I created a weekly
“Mitzvah report” where I would shoot and edit video content to share with my class. This
inspired children to participate in their own acts of kindness by creating their own projects.
Bringing acts of kindness to others.
Brooke Yasskin
I've learned that we are all so flexible and amazing: teachers and students and we can adapt to anything. When
there is a will, there is a way. Whether in class or on zoom, I love teaching and engaging with my students.
Remy Abramson
…something that has stayed consistent is the strength of the Holy Blossom community.
Whether teaching in-person surrounded by students and staff in masks or teaching virtually,
Sunday mornings are truly the highlight of my week. I have learned how to create an
environment where students can stay engaged while learning virtually, and I have learned that
friendship and community are the most important aspects of virtual learning - something I will
always instill in my classroom. Thank you to all of the students and staff at Holy Blossom YEC who
have persisted during these difficult times!
Holy Blossom Temple | 16
Sandra Merovic
This year I am celebrating 30 years of teaching at Holy Blossom. Every year is different from the
year before however, COVID-19 has changed the way we teach. In order to motivate and make fun
and educational virtual lessons, I learned new techniques to incorporate games, videos, music,
crafts and most of all, engage the students to be active participants of a virtual class. I believe
these last two years have made me a more flexible and creative teacher than before.
Sherri Katzman
For our littlest children, this is normal life for them, and we try to create a ‘normal’
environment in the classroom for them to learn and grow.
Dalia Alalouf
In the past 24 months of teaching virtually, I had the privilege to mentor 36 B'nei Mitzvah
students. The amount of pride and satisfaction of their performances exceeds the above
numbers. Each student is unique, works at his/her own speed and I adapt the methods to their
needs. I am lucky to belong to a group of fantastic teachers.
Rebecca Joffe
I have been in education for twenty years. I had taught in classrooms, to large groups of kids and I’ve
taught one-on-one. I had never taught online, virtually, not to a group or one on one. The pandemic
has taught me, as an educator, that as long as you are able to connect with your students, either
about a stuffed animal, a pet, a holiday or a Simcha, we are reaching our goals. I have enjoyed being
“in” my students’ homes but am looking forward to getting back to our classrooms.
Bluma Feintuch and Sharon Stein
These last two years have been very challenging on many levels. As teachers, we
excel at adapting, being flexible, creative, patient and understanding. All our skills
were put to the test and we rose above COVID. We learned to smile with our eyes,
give air hugs and kisses, run a smooth, safe and enriching program and continue to
show lots of love, care and devotion to all our children.
Terry Wine
The current pandemic has certainly changed many aspects of preschool life, and like all major
changes, it is not one big difference, but rather a myriad of little ones. The first thing we learned
is that we really couldn't be effective for more than a few minutes over Zoom -- the children's
attention span and the many distractions of home couldn't compete with our screen-sized
classroom. On the other hand, I am constantly amazed at how the kids can read my expressions
through an opaque mask that covers most of my face. Another silver lining is the initially tougher, but
ultimately easier transition from parent to the classroom: with parents not entering the building, the goodbyes are
necessarily more abrupt, but the children are more quickly enticed and absorbed into the fun class dynamic. I think
we've all learned to appreciate all the small details that go into a preschool morning and the value of a dedicated team.
Bulletin Purim & Pesach 5782 | 17
A Very Warm Welcome to New and Returning Members
Debra Granatstein & Blaire
Judith Ross
Zane & Kat Mersky
Michael Pavel & Alison Rak,
and their child Sebastian
Tova Nathanson & Marnie
Pettle, and their child Mack
Zach Gladstone & Sonja
Madelyn Rideout &
Jared Rosenbaum
Ryan Miller &
Kayla Drumonde
Danielle & Nicholas Mancini,
and their child Maya
Michael Gordon & Kali Jacobs, Samantha Manley &
Ian Litwak
and their children Miles &
Lewis Gordon
Alyssa Owsiany
Paul & Mylene Meister
Matthew Elkind & Hannah
Winsor, and their child
Winston Elkind
Jordana Merrick-Eker &
Justin Rain
Lindsay Hall & Aaron Franklin Miriam Craig, and her children
Hunter & Jordan Craig
Mazel t
ov t
Mazel tov to Lana Liss and Daniel Perlin on their
engagement. Proud parents are Greta Coopersmith,
Howard & Susan Liss and Zina & George Perlin.
Mazel tov to Raquel Inwentash and Jeremy Smith on their
engagement. Proud parents are Lynn Factor & Sheldon
Inwentash and Karen & David Smith.
Mazel tov to Luke and Shanna Slan on the birth of
their daughter, Lennon Emma. Proud grandparents are
Paul Slan, Shawnee & Hersh Glickman, Perri & Elliot
Kirshenblatt. Proud great grandmother is Roz Halbert.
Mazel tov to Laura Marissa Charney and Alden HarrisMcCoy on their engagement. Proud parents are Sara & Rick
Charney and Rachel Harris & Bob McCoy.
Mazel tov to Rebecca Penturn & Steven Weerdenburg
on the birth of their son, Adam Joshua. Brother to
Noah. Proud grandparents are Kathleen Crook &
James Penturn and Mary & Jerry Weerdenburg.
Mazel Tov to Nancy and Joe Dack on the occasion of their
50th wedding anniversary.
Mazel tov to Sarah and Abigail Nemzer on the birth
of their child Kedem Aviv. Proud grandparents are
Eileen Nemzer, Jay Brodbar, Sheila Weiner, and Cindy
Carpenter and Jesse Winch. Proud great-grandparents
are Ken and Mary Carpenter.
Holy Blossom Temple | 18
Gray Cohen
November 4, 2021
Son of Katy Diamond-Cohen
& Justin Cohen
Abigail Cooper
November 6, 2021
Daughter of Nicola Simmons &
Michael Cooper
Dylan Kates
November 13, 2021
Son of Danielle Himmel
& Allan Kates
Joshua Dlin
November 13, 2021
Son of Elise Pulver
and Neal Dlin
Isaac Pal
November 20, 2021
Son of Raquel Adelstein and
Eddie Pal
Ruby Freedman
November 26, 2021
Daughter of Sherry Cantar &
Jeffrey Freedman
Liam Davidson
December 4, 2021
Son of Sari Goldman
& Steve Davidson
Judah Kriss
December 4, 2021
Son of Naomi & Alan Kriss
Levi Vernon
December 11, 2021
Son of Stacey Grossman
& David Vernon
Stacey Grossman
December 11, 2021
Daughter of Marcy
& Lorne Grossman
Lauren Lidsky
January 15, 2022
Daughter of Elana Paice Lidsky
& Brian Lidsky
Cem Goldenberg
January 22, 2022
Son of Nazli & Alex Goldenberg
Rachel Malka Ava Zaidener
January 22, 2022
Daughter of Dalia Rosen
Zaidener and Leonard Zaidener
Isaac Aster
January 29, 2022
Son of Laura Pripstein
& Dylan Aster
Bulletin Purim & Pesach 5782 | 19
Judy Amsterdam, wife of Gavin Harris; mother of Mallory
Harris and Daniel Harris; sister of Libby Ben-Shalom and
Elaine Amsterdam
Gary Berman, husband of Carrie Lieberman; father of
Joshua Berman, Cory Berman and Leanne Berman; son of
Susan Berman; brother of Gail Berman
Mathew Malinsky, son of Randy Malinsky
Lionel Morris, husband of Donna Morris; father of Paula
Haras and Michael Morris; brother of Alexander Morris,
Freda Mendel, Wolfe Morris, Aubrey Morris, Sonya Kirby,
Julia Barnard, and Rochelle Ginsberg
Martin Breslin, brother of Gloria Howard
Lotti Redner, mother of Debbie Redner, Sid Redner and
Rita Redner
Irving Brott, father of Louise Ford, Richard Brott, Ronni
Brott, and Nancy Brott
Karen Reisman, mother of Alessandra Reisman and
Gregory Reisman
Douglas Chute, husband of Coco Johnson; father of Julia
Jackson, Jesse Chute, Deborah Chute Petit, Andrew Chute,
Daniel Johnson, and Benjamin Johnson; brother of Judith
Jack Ritchie, husband of Becky Greenberg; father of Marcy
Carr and Gail Axelrod; step-father of Stephen Greenberg,
Denise Greenberg, Cindy Pearlstein, and Lawrence
Greenberg; brother of Carl Ritchie and Beverley Zarnett
Ethel Davis, wife of Leslie Davis; mother of Michael Davis,
Elise Davis and Bonnie Davis; sister of Albert Gladstone
Sheila Kay Rodney, wife of Rick Rodney; mother of Brian
Rodney and Karen Rodney; sister of David Abbey and Susan
Michael Garson Davis, husband of Hyla Davis; father of
Anna Davis, Liron Davis and Adam Davis; brother of Susan
Davis, Philip Davis and Roslyn Kanigsberg
Murray Ellis, husband of Fran Ellis
Ron Farber, husband of Barbara Amis; father of Jessica
Switzer; brother of Jane Tizel
Jean Fremes, mother of Stephen Fremes and Kathy
Fremes; sister of Marlene Minaker, Kitty McEwan and Linda
Roslyn (Roz) Giller, mother of Leslie Giller, Alan Giller
and Michael Giller; sister of Sandy Folk, Esther Pohn and
Lynda Trefler
Anne Ginsberg, mother of Bleema Getz and Michael
Richard Goldbloom, father of David Goldbloom, Alan
Goldbloom and Barbara Hughes
Murray Roger Halpren, husband of Hyndi Halpren; father
of Mark Halpren and David Halpren; brother of Ilsa Blidner
Eva Israel, mother of Robert Israel and Susan Israel; sister
of Saul Koblin
Cheryl Jacques, mother of Adam Jacques and Kelly Jacques
Estee Klausner, mother of Zevi Klausner and Adi Klausner;
sister of Chana Grosz
Mauricio Kuperman, husband of Larissa Kuperman; father
of Peter Kuperman, Alexandra Kuperman and Natasha
Kuperman; brother of Haim Omer
Sylvia Lipman, mother of Merle Snitman and Fern
Vivian Rosen, mother of Shanna Rosen and Joel Rosen;
sister of Jeffrey Pancer and Mark Pancer
Myra Sadowski, mother of David Sadowski, Lynn Cipin
and Mark Sadowski
Myrna Silver, wife of Dr. Harvey Silver; mother of Linda
Minnie Snitzer, mother of David Moscovitz and Barbara
Carl M. Solomon, husband of Virginia Ann Solomon; father
of Diana Solomon, Jordan Solomon and Evan Solomon
Geraldine (Geri) Winemaker, wife of Gordon Winemaker;
mother of Cindy English, Mark Winemaker, Howard
English, Neil Winemaker, and Susan Winemaker; sister of
Bernice Goren
Sheila Wise, mother of Jordanna Lipson, Cindy Pinto,
Jennifer Crockford, and Jonathan Wise; sister of Martin
Honey (Helene) Wolfe, mother of Myron Wolfe and Carol
Joy Wolfson, mother of Carol Wolfson, Norman Wolfson,
Steven Wolfson, and Laura Wolfson
Malcolm Yasny, husband of Gloria Yasny; father of Michael
Yasny, Richard Yasny and Randy Yasny; brother of Robert
Marion Zucker, mother of Steve Zucker, Lynne Zucker and
Brian Zucker; sister of Lucille Chaplan
October 28, 2021 to February 11, 2022
Beverlee London, mother of Lisa Brooker, Stephen London
and Jordon London
Anne Lowenthal, mother of Myra Lowenthal and Julia
Holy Blossom Temple | 20
Sidney Aster
Rabbi Zachary Goodman, In Honour
Marlene Stein and family
Joanne & Garry Foster
Dalia Rosen-Zaidener & Leonard
Michael Cole and Sheila Smolkin, In
Israel Brodziak, Yahrzeit
Helene Brodziak & Jack Kugelmass
Congregation Habonim's B'nei
Mitzvah Program
Cem Goldenberg, In Honour
Ron Farber, In Memory
Nazli & Axel Goldenberg
Josephine & Michael Cole
Ron Tizel, In Memory
Rabbi Yael Splansky, In Honour
Pam & Michael Albert
Ruth Halperin & David Weil
Henny Rappaport
Judy Amsterdam, In Memory
Cantor David Rosen, In Appreciation
Susan Chernow, In Memory
Javier Fuchs' Family
Holy Blossom Temple Singers
The family of Carl Solomon
Kenneth Ross, In Memory
Catherine Mayers
Lisser Family
Gerald Stein, In Memory
Andrew Stein
Camille Lisser
Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers, In
Myrna Silver, In Memory
Rabbi Splansky, In Appreciation
Joanne & Garry Foster
Hettie Lofchy and family
The Paisley/Lowenthal family
The family of Carl Solomon
The Wolfson Family
Joanne Weigen
Jack & Judy Winberg
Isaac Ian Aster, In Honour
Joyce & Sidney Aster
Murray Ellis, In Memory
Terry S. Tator
Michael Garson Davis, In Memory
Susan Davis & David Dewitt
Bonnie Goldman-Masters, Yahrzeit
Bernie & Fran Goldman
Sophie Rivers, In Appreciation
Dylan Aster & Laura Pripstein and
Carl Solomon, In Memory
Myrna Freedman
Joy Wolfson, In Memory
Mila Freedman
Isaac Aster, In Honour
Joyce & Sidney Aster
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Ehrlich
Michael Garson Davis, In Memory
Susan Davis & David Dewitt
Rabbi Jordan Helfman, In
Arthur Applebaum, Yahrzeit
Drs. Alice & Ron Charach
Syrelle Bernstein & Stan Friedman,
In Honour
Rachel & Harvin Pitch
Jocelyne Salem
Rabbi Jordan Helfman, In Honour
Susan Hershman, George Burger,
Roma Blecher and Alon Ossip
Henny Rappaport & Michael Burns
Neomi Offman
Sara Charney
Dr. Michael Davis, In Memory
Debra Merowitz
Michael Cole, In Appreciation
Josephine & Michael Cole
Karen Minden & Harvey Schipper
Judy Amsterdam, In Memory
Judy Winberg
Marilyn Hahn
Irwin Title, Yahrzeit
Tema Title
2021, 2022/GREATEST NEED
Linden Cress
The Israeli Film Group
Lisser Family
Cecille Ratney
The Sims Family
Professor Sydney & Joyce Aster, In
Myrna Freedman
Eleanor Baker, In Appreciation
Eleanor, Fred, & Miriam Baker
Deborah Staiman
Bulletin Purim & Pesach 5782 | 21
Eugenia Beinglas, Yahrzeit
David Greenberg, In Appreciation
Dalia & Jacob Alalouf
Rosenberg/Gardner family
Gertrude Nyman, In Memory
Ralph & Shirley Daniels, Yahrzeit
Ada Greenwood, Yahrzeit
Jack & Judy Winberg
Stuart Webster
Ruth Ellen & Sheldon Greenwood and
Ellen Ostofsky, In Honour
Gillian Helfield & Eric Klein, In
Betty Plotnick and family, In
Gerald Dressler, Yahrzeit
Susan Young
Stephen Eisen, Yahrzeit
Robin, Emily and Melissa Eisen
Reuben Freeman, Yahrzeit
Isabel Freeman
Nora & John Freund, In Honour
Albert & Anne Melul
Zita Gardner, In Memory
Gary & Jill Altman
David Baskin & Joan Garson
Susan Baskin
Michael & Josephine Cole
Helena & David Fine
Judy Adler & Henry Lotin
Rabbi Jordan Helfman, In
Anne Freeman
Rabbi Jordan Helfman, In Honour
Lisa Kanigsberg & Kristian Dorken
Marla Spiegel & Joe Donahue
Harriet Wolman
Herschel Howard, In Memory
Bambi Katz
Avra Rosen & Mark Goodman
Elsie Ann Foster
Sam, Taylor & Selah Kaye, In
Elaine Givertz
Janet Lavine & Rick Williams
Jane & Rob Herman
Jack Kugelmass, In Appreciation
Jill Hertzman
Linda Ahuva Neufeld
Jill Kamin & Murray Hart
Joni Stossel & Graham Stairs
Merle Kriss
Rosalie Sussman
Stefanie, Greg, Zach & Ben Mahon
Moshe Leib Glazier, Yahrzeit
Hope & Cantor Beny Maissner
Mark Goodman & Avra Rosen
Avra Rosen & Mark Goodman
Morty Leibovitch, In Memory
Marion Rosenberg
Susan & David Linds
Dee-Dee & Gary Shiffman
Shira Lester, In Honour
Rochelle & Richard Ulster
Roslyn & Bernard H. Ornstein
Dr. Michael Garson Davis, In
Lauren Lidsky, In Honour
Joan Garson
Diana Lipson, Yahrzeit
Brenda & Fred Saunders
Steinman Gould Family
Barbara Cooper & John Lipson
Joan Garson & David Baskin
Murray & Fran Ellis
Ron Polster, In Honour
Ellen T. Cole
Joan Garson & David Baskin
Alberto Quiroz, In Honour
Isabel Freeman
Denise Gordon & Dennis Chow
Avra Rosen, In Honour
Jack & Judy Winberg
Cantor David Rosen, In Appreciation
Judy & Henry Lotin
Ethan Ruderman, In Honour
Karen & Yoel Abells
Mel Shear, Yahrzeit
Bonnie Shear
Kelly Silverstein, Yahrzeit
Robin, Emily and Melissa Eisen
Carl Solomon, In Memory
Joan Garson
Carole & Bernie Zucker
Rabbi Yael Splansky, In Appreciation
Larry Rosen & Susan Jackson
Joni Stossel & Graham Stairs
Iris Spitz, In Appreciation
Eleanor, Fred, & Miriam Baker
Joan Stossel, In Appreciation
Joni Stossel & Graham Stairs
Audrey Markle, Yahrzeit
Stanley B. Stein, In Memory
Ruth Ellen & Sheldon Greenwood
Linda Ahuva Neufeld
Julie Markle, Joel Mickelson, Max and
Peter Theimer, Yahrzeit
Rabbi Zachary Goodman, In
Leo Maurice Frankel, Yahrzeit
Nancy Theimer and family
Franci Sniderman
Nancy Theimer and family
Honey Wolfe, In Memory
Herscu Moses, In Memory
Marissa Zwerner and family
Judy Winberg
Mark Goodman, In Appreciation
Joni Stossel & Graham Stairs
Holy Blossom Temple | 22
Joy Wolfson, In Memory
Family and Tot Shabbat 2021 – 2022
Pre-Kabbalat Shabbat Nosh
Cheryl, Joel & Kathryn, Adam & Fion
Carole & Jay Sterling and family
December 3, 2021
Helen & Joe Feldmann
Professional Choir
All Donors, In Honour
Viviane & Saul Ship
Alison & Alan Schwartz
Cantor David Rosen, In Honour
Board Installation
Ellen T. Cole
December 10, 2021
Maddie Axelrod, David Kogan, and
Zephie Kogan
Lloyd Lavine
Leon & Toba Offman
Merle Rachlin
Morton Wolfson
Marion Zucker, In Memory
Phyllis Rose
Joan Garson & David Baskin
Jeff & Phyllis Denaburg
Michael & Janette Diamond
Judy Nyman & Harley Mintz
Tom & Jacque Friedland
Adam Sniderman
Nikki & Adam Stiavnicky
Rivanne Sandler
Israel Dialogues winter series
Taking Baby Home - Mental Health
Issues for Mom and Dad
January 14-March 25, 2022
Helena & David Fine
Michael & Josephine Cole, In
January 24, 2022
Good Books
Women of Holy Blossom
February 15, 2022
Ruth Ellen & Sheldon Greenwood
Israel Dialogues
Monique Evis
2022 Sessions
Mimi Hollenberg
Carole & Bernie Zucker
Helena & David Fine
March 1, 2022
Alice , Rose and Joseph Herman,
Mondays in the Mishkan
Judy Malkin & Elliott Jacobson
November 8, 15, and 22, 2021
March 15, 2022
Dr. Deborah Leibow & Ken Snider
Frances Gruber
Gifts of Light Interfaith Holiday
March 29, 2022
November 28, 2021
April 12, 2022
Elaine Givertz
David & Susan Linds & family
Elaine Culiner, In Memory
Carole & Bernie Zucker
Charles Hershfield, Yahrzeit
Ruth Ellen & Sheldon Greenwood and
Russ Joseph, Yahrzeit
Tema Smith
Steven & Gillian Bookman
Yitz Penciner, Yahrzeit
Gifts of Light Interfaith Holiday
Concert – Treats on the Go
Bernice Penciner and family
November 28, 2021
Elise Pulver & Warren Copnick, In
Holy Blossom Temple Brotherhood
Lynda & Ken Davis
Sally Schweid, In Honour
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Allentoff
Geraldine Winemaker, In Memory
Judy & Allan Borodin
Bathurst St. Plaza
Jo Ann Nyquist & Family
President’s Award
Jennifer Malvin
Contemporary Jewish Fiction with
Cynthia Good- Spring Season
March 10 and 17, 2022
Bonnie Lawrence Shear
Tom & Jacque Friedland, In Honour
Holy Blossom’s Family Purim
December 1, 2021
March 13, 2022
Joan Garson & David Baskin
Carole & Jay Sterling and family
Avra Rosen & Mark Goodman
Megillah reading and Shpiel –
Treats on the Go
David & Gillian Rosenberg
Cary & Lisa Solomon
Brenda Spiegler & Mark Anshan
March 16, 2022
Carole & Jay Sterling and family
Rabbi Yael Splanksy & Adam Sol
Jack & Judy Winberg
Bulletin Purim & Pesach 5782 | 23
Megillah reading and Shpiel –
Treats on the Go
Joshua Dlin, In Honour
March 16, 2022
Elise Pulver & Warren Copnick
Susan Kulczycki
Ruby Freedman, In Honour
Dodi Millman
Sherry Cantar & Jeff Freedman
Gloria Pollock
Dylan Kates, In Honour
Danielle Himmel & Allan Kates
Debby Vigoda
Judah Kriss, In Honour
Carole & Jay Sterling
Holy Blossom Temple Brotherhood
Rabbi Eric Yoffie "Embracing
Israel in Difficult Times: Politics,
Pluralism, and Peace" Shabbat
HaGadol, 5782
April 9, 2022
Carole & Jay Sterling and family
Jewish Music Week
April, 2022
Carole & Jay Sterling and family
Breakfasts Sponsorship
Gaye & Andy Stein
November 29-December 3, 2021
Jennifer Malvin
David Abells, Yahrzeit
Karen Abells
William Adler, Yahrzeit
Judy Adler & Henry Lotin
Michael Garson Davis, In Memory
The extended David family
Joel Greisman, Yahrzeit
Susan & Peter Segal
Jennie Hershenhorn, Yahrzeit
Mark Goodman & Avra Rosen
Naomi & Alan Kriss
Sandra Merovic and Jeff Denaburg,
In Honour
The Vernon Family
Isaac Pal, In Honour
Raquel Adelstein & Stewart Cramer
Kabbalat Shabbat Livestreaming
Liam Davidson, In Honour
Sari Goldman & Steve Davidson and
Leo Ryan Wolch, In Honour
Rob & Tammy Lipson
Mauricio Kuperman, In Memory
Rita Hauck
Al Gelfant, In Memory
Marilyn Shesko & David Hertzman
Janet Cohen
Deborah Colman
Dalia Rosen-Zaidener & Leonard
Rosylin & Gerold Goldlist and family
Shabbat Morning Livestreaming
Marilyn Shesko & David Hertzman
Isaac Aster, In Honour
Betty & Barniey Wolfe, In Memory
Moishe Pripstein & Sylvia Kirstein
Carole Abugov
Cem Goldenberg, In Honour
Judah Kriss, In Honour
Naomi & Alan Kriss
Harry Uster, In Memory
Lauren Lidsky, In Honour
John & Rosie Uster
Elana Paice Lidsky & Brian Lidsky
Sandra Merovic and Jeff Denaburg,
In Honour
Nicola Simmons & Michael Cooper
Rabbi Zachary Goodman, In
Rachel Malka Ava Zaidener, In
Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers and
Abigail Cooper, In Honour
Sheila Weinstock
Florence Hertzman, In Honour
Robert Slater, Yahrzeit
Katy Diamond-Cohen & Justin Cohen
Max Glazer, Yahrzeit
Joni Stossel & Graham Stairs
Nazli & Axel Goldenberg
Gray Cohen, In Honour
Jesse Diamond, In Memory
The Vernon Family
Jeff Nightingale, In Honour
Philip Shesko, Yahrzeit
Dr. Irwin Sheldon Rose, Yahrzeit
Ruth Green
Rose Rose, Yahrzeit
Ruth Green
Anne Dublin, In Honour
Women of Holy Blossom
Zita Gardner, In Memory
Janice & Larry Babins
Liam Davidson, In Honour
Carol & Steve Pilon
Sari Goldman & Steve Davidson and
Jack Tweyman, In Memory
Gail Kerbel & Chas Lawther, In
Carol & Steve Pilon
Faga Clapham
Holy Blossom Temple | 24
Zita Joy Gardner, In Memory
Rabbi Jordan Helfman, In Honour
Geeske Cruickshank
Brenda & Fred Saunders
Joyce & Fred Zemans
Marsha Joseph
Harry Grossman, Yahrzeit
Rose Kozloff, In Memory
Cynthia Good, In Appreciation
Barbara Grossman
Bob Hodes & Barbara Thal-Hodes
Jack Kugelmass, In Honour
Susan Himel & Neil Kozloff and
Keith Meloff
Lillian Cole, Yahrzeit
Ellen T. Cole
Arthur Freeman, Yahrzeit
Mark & Loren Roth, In Honour
Mary Seldon
Cantor David Rosen, In Appreciation
Doreen Kronick, In Honour
Sidney Nusinowitz
Mortimer Leibovitch, In Memory
Sandy & Steven Moranis
Lauren Lidsky, In Honour
Anne Freeman
Linda Wolfe
Cantor Beny Maissner, In
Cantor David Rosen, In Honour
Mark S. Anshan & Brenda Spiegler
The Wolfson Family
Andy & Sandi Schafer
Lesley Miller, In Honour
Carl M. Solomon, In Memory
Dena Arback & Jay Shanker
Virginia A. Solomon
Leon & Shirley Tessler
Carl M. Solomon, In Memory
Cantor Marty Steinhouse, In
Sheila Wise, In Memory
Sharon &Lorne Tarshis
Keith Meloff
Joy Wolfson, In Memory
Joy Wolfson, In Memory
Rhonda & Michael Kemeny
Mary Seldon
Marion Zucker, In Memory
Joan Moses
Rita & Steven Banach
All the volunteers, In Appreciation
Joyce & Sidney Aster
Sandy Moranis
Steven Moranis
Anne Freeman
Robert Moses & Debbi Charendoff
Gary M. Berman, In Memory
Rebecca & Michael Herberman
Susan Berman & Gail Berman
Sylvia Papernick
Nancy Pollack
Irving Brott, In Memory
Gloria Pollock
Arlene Roth
Sheila & Philip Levine
Helen & Edward Sheffman
Michael & Janet Ryval
Nancy & Joe Dack, In Honour
Mark & Cindy Vernon
Joan & Brian Mirsky and family
May Levi & Benjamin Gillman, In
Judith Wilansky
Dr. Michael G. Davis, In Memory
Efim Adler, In Memory
Renee Tarantino
Susan Baskin
Murray Ellis, In Memory
Holy Blossom Temple Singers
Jane & Russell Rendely
Hope & Cantor Beny Maissner
Dr. Nancy Epstein, In Appreciation
of Janice Karlinsky-Ennis
Esther & Marvin Tile
Sheila Wise, In Memory
Esther & Marvin Tile
Sandy Atlin
Anita & Michael Greenstein
Jill Kamin & Murray Hart
Dr. Michael Baker, In Appreciation
Geraldine Prendergast
Dr. Michael Davis, In Memory
Phyllis & Jeff Denaburg
Murray Halperen, In Memory
Sharon & Lorne Tarshis
Hersh Howard, In Memory
Judy & Jack Winberg
Janet Cohen
Peter Mezei, In Memory
Debra Merowitz
Marcus Tessler, In Memory
Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers
Sam Good, In Memory
Cynthia Good
Rabbi Jordan Helfman, In
Fred, Eleanor & Miriam Baker
Rabbi Jordan Helfman, In Honour
Helena & David Fine
Avra Rosen & Mark Goodman
Brian & Annalee Schnurr
Hayley, David, Emily & Leah Waugh
Bulletin Purim & Pesach 5782 | 25
Judy & Jack Winberg and family
Irving Oscar Shoichet, In Memory
Jordan & Jemma Helfman and
family, In Appreciation
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Tessler
Temma Gentles & Paul Kay
William Shoichet, Yahrzeit
Rita & Steven Banach
Leon & Shirley Tessler
Tom & Jacque Friedland, In Honour
Diana Solomon, In Appreciation
Pam & Michael Albert
Peter Dan, In Appreciation
Josephine & Michael Cole
Marlene Stein and family
Frank Wolff, Yahrzeit
Julie Markle & Joel, Max and Jonah
Thelma Dunkelman, Yahrzeit
Alison & Gary Polan and family
Evelyn Gardner
Janice & Larry Babins
Michael Garson Davis, In Memory
Herbert & Sharon Schwartz
Phyllis Flatt
The extended Davis family
Beverley & Charles Harnick
Murray Ellis, In Memory
Betty Halperin, Eugene Weil and
Nancy Steele, In Memory
Ruth Halperin & David Weil
Mollie Hoffman and Dora Penciner,
Bernice Penciner and family
Jack Kugelmass, In Honour
Carol Abugov
Marlene Stein and family
Rhoda Kulman, In Honour
Gary & Gail Goodman
Zeilig Leibovici, In Memory
Martin Leibovici and family
Wendy Melvin, In Appreciation
Josephine & Michael Cole
Ira Ruderman, Yahrzeit
Robert & Marlene Ruderman
Louise Shanfeld, Yahrzeit
Anne Freeman
Jack Shapiro, Yahrzeit
Gail & Gary Goodman and family
Dorothy Shekter, In Memory
Lorie Shekter-Wolfson, Mark Shekter,
Richard Shekter and Rhona Shekter
Dorothy Cohen Shoichet, In
Dr. Ariel Dalfen, In Appreciation
Honey Wolfe, In Memory
Susan Berman
Evelyn Himel
Carolyn & Eliot Kolers
Julie Solomon
Geoff Pearlstein & Mike Pearlstein
Ethel Davis, In Memory
Paul Schnier & Marilyn Levine
Harriet Wolman
John Sweet
Murray Ellis, In Memory
Barbara Wolfe
Janice & Larry Babins
Richard Wolfe
Rabbi Jordan Helfman, In
Rick Wolfe
Michael Leese
Jack Kugelmass, In Appreciation
Donations received
October 29, 2021- February 17, 2022
Jennifer Malvin
Ann Shendroff
Katie Millman, Yahrzeit
Millman Family
Carl Solomon, In Memory
Freda Ariella Muscovitch and family
Diana Solomon, In Appreciation
Josephine & Michael Cole
Harry Smith, Yahrzeit
Ronna Rubin, Phil Smith, Jill Smith &
Hailey Smith
Rachelle Switzman, In Memory
Sandy & Steven Moranis
Sheila Wise, In Memory
Sandy & Steven Moranis
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Tessler
Holy Blossom Temple | 26
Pesach & Spring Festivals 5782
Seder prep 101: March 27, 9:45 am
Seder 'Goose Hunt': April 10, 11:00 am
Erev Pesach/ Kabbalat Shabbat: April 15, 6:00 pm
Congregational Online Seder: April 15, 7:00 pm
Shabbat & Pesach Yom Tov Service: April 16, 10:00 am
Festive congregational kiddush lunch to follow
Erev 7th Day Pesach: April 21, 6:00 pm
7th Day Pesach & Yizkor Service: April 22, 10:00 am
Festive congregational kiddush lunch to follow
Yom HaShoah Service & Commemoration: April 27, 7:00 pm
Shabbat Shira (take 2) & Congregational Shabbat Dinner: April 29, 6:00 pm
Welcoming Benji Schiller and the return of our Temple Singers!
Yom HaZikaron Ceremony: May 4, 6:00 pm
Yom HaAtzmaut Celebration: May 4, 6:45 pm
Erev Shavuot: June 4, 6:00 pm
Shavuot & Yizkor Service: June 5, 10:00 am
Festive congregational kiddush lunch to follow
Holy Blossom Temple Memorial Plaques: Memorial tablets, which line the walls of our historic sanctuary, will be
dedicated at the Yizkor Service. The names and Yahrzeits of our loved ones will be illuminated with a memorial light,
serving as a lasting tribute on each Yahrzeit, as well as all Yizkor days.
To order your memorial plaques please contact Cindy Zimmer at czimmer@holyblossom.org or use our online order
form. To dedicate a plaque: $600, to reserve a space for the future: $90
Simchas & Events at Holy Blossom Temple
Whether you are hosting a joyful Simcha or planning a meeting,
Holy Blossom Temple provides a great selection of elegant and
functional spaces. We will work closely with you to find which
space is most appropriate for your occasion.
Please visit our website (www.holyblossom.org) for more
information on our beautiful spaces and safety procedures.
To book your lifecycle or Simcha event, please contact our
Simcha Coordinator, Lindsay Mockler at 416.789.3291 ext. 255
or email lmockler@holyblossom.org.