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Reedsy Manuscript Format Template

Your Legal Name (or Agent’s name)
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Phone Number
Email Address
Word count: 80,000
Pen Name or Author Name
Category (Adult/Young Adult/Middle Grade/et al.)
Genre (Fantasy/Mystery/Literary Fiction/et al.)
LastName / TITLE (OR KEYWORD) / 1
Subtitle or POV Character
In the first paragraph of a chapter, there should be no indentation. This document template will
automatically add a 0.5” indentation at the start. However, you can hit the backspace to bring the
sentence back to the start of the line.
Every paragraph after the first one should start with this indentation. You may have the
urge to add an extra line between paragraphs, but that is not standard practice—so avoid that if
“What about dialogue?” you might ask. Reedsy has a guide on their blog to punctuating
and presenting dialogue where you can learn all about that. However, the general rule is that you
start a new paragraph every time you change the speaker. And every time that happens, you
should leave it indented.
“Just like this?” you ask.
“Exactly like that,” I reply.
As I said, there are plenty of other rules related to writing dialogue—most of which you
can find online—but you might want to watch out for a few in particular.
“Like what?” you chirp.
LastName / TITLE (OR KEYWORD) / 2
“Small things that editors and agents hate. For example, never use all-caps in your
dialogue, even if you’re trying to express anger or excitement.”
“That might be the case,” I say, “but it makes you, the author, look like an amateur (or
Owen Meany). And never underline anything in a manuscript”
“But you just did!” you protest.
“Do as I say, not as I do.”
When you want to signal a scene break—meaning that you’re moving on to a new scene
within the same chapter—you can either use three asterisks (as seen above) or the hash mark (#).
Both of these should be aligned to the center. Remember that consistency is your friend: you
don’t want any of your stylistic elements to distract from your wonderful story. So be careful not
to switch between asterisks and hashes.
When you’re ready to begin a new chapter, remember to start on a fresh page and type
the chapter title about one-third of the way down the page. If the chapter has a subtitle, you can
write that just underneath, but there should be a double space between the chapter titles and the
first paragraph.
If you wish to indicate some passage of time, you should write that two lines above the
chapter title. To demonstrate all of this, I’ll create a second chapter to this template. Simply
because I’ve run out of things to say, the words will be in lorem ipsum, which is a placeholder
language that designers use.
LastName / TITLE (OR KEYWORD) / 3
An indication of the passage of time (optional)
Subtitle or POV character (optional)
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LastName / TITLE (OR KEYWORD) / 4
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The End.