Template for improvement of courses, teaching learning, engagement projects

Instructions are written in orange text. Please delete such text or replace it with the appropriate
information before submitting your proposal.
Title of your proposal
Name and academic unit for each person listed on the proposal.
A 100-300 word overview of your project. For reference, the "lorem ipsum" text below is 148 words long.
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The project
Motivation and objectives
Why do you wish to do this project?
What are you trying to improve?
What are the objectives of the project?
Describe the project and how it will unfold. If the TLPF-funded work would be part of a larger endeavour,
discuss that larger endeavour for context but focus mainly on the work for which you are requesting
You may include figures if they will help the reader better understand your project.
Justification and assessment
What gives you confidence that your project will have the desired result? Forms of evidence/support
worth considering are: 1) educational practices literature, 2) education or Scholarship of Teaching &
Learning literature, 3) data from previous offerings of the course (feedback from students, trends in
student performance, feedback from TAs, etc).
How will you assess whether or not you have reached your objectives? Forms of evidence worth
considering are: results of targeted student surveys (anonymous or not, online or on paper), results of
concept inventories or attitudinal surveys, student grades, student persistence, etc.
Meeting the mandate of the fund
Concisely and convincingly explain how your project fits the mandate of the fund.
The fund's mandate is to enhance teaching effectiveness and efficiency by:
Fostering greater student engagement in the classroom
Supporting the adoption of effective teaching methods
Encouraging the development of innovative teaching methods
Encouraging and supporting a scholarly, evidenced-based approach to teaching and learning
(i.e. the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning)
Using technology effectively
Sharing the results
Describe how you intend to share the results of your TLPF-funded work. Will you
 present at Kaleidoscope?
 offer a session other than Kaleidoscope? (contact CETL to make arrangements)
 present at a teaching & learning conference? (e.g. the AAU Teaching Showcase, STLHE or
the Dal Conference)
 submit a paper for publication in a peer-reviewed journal?
 will you run a workshop or give a seminar within your department or faculty?
The budget
Provide a complete accounting of how the TLPF funds will be spent.
Duration of project
Only exceptionally will a project of more than one year in duration be accepted. If the project duration is
over one year, this proposal must include a description of what will be accomplished during the first year.
If you have consulted the literature on educational practices or education research (desirable), list the
principle references that recommend your endeavour. These should, of course, be referred to in the text.