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Develop Software
Efficiently with
Actionable Metrics.
Enable data-driven decision making with accurate performance metrics to
deliver software leaner and faster
Organisations invest heavily in software development without a reliable means
to assess the productivity of their software engineering teams. Executives need
transparency to understand which business areas and transformational
changes are yielding the best results.
BlueOptima has solved this problem, enabling organisations to bring transparency in their
software development processes, and optimise efficiency with standardised and scalable
Actual Coding Effort
Optimise velocity of your software
development teams by objectively
understanding their contribution to the
code base.
Analysis of Relative Thresholds
Get a complete view into how
maintainable your code base is relative to
your organisation's internal standards.
BlueOptima Global Benchmark
Understand how your software
development organisation performs relative
to industry peers.
Predictive Assessment
Accurately predict workplace performance
of your potential hires. Find talent best fit
for your organisation.
Reduce your software development cost
by 20% within one year of deployment.
Optimise the velocity, quality and
cost of your software estate.
Identify key contributors to technical
Propagate and maintain engineering
best practices.
We're trusted by
6 of the S&P Top 50 Companies
12 of the Fortune 50 companies
4 of the Top 10 Biggest Banks in the
2 of the Top 5 Leading Managed
Healthcare Companies
“Whilst switching development models we couldn't understand if we were more efficient or
less. BlueOptima's metrics helped us see the impact our IT Transformation had; we were 25%
more efficient which was equivalent to tens of millions of dollars. This saving opened up
avenues for us to financially support other key projects.” - VP, Banking Industry
*BlueOptima values the confidentiality of its clients and hence will not share names or data, that can be attributed to any individual
or company, with third parties.
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Mission and Vision
BlueOptima was founded to aid transparency across the software development life cycle. Our
SaaS analytics platform provides organisations with a data-driven solution, engineered to
objectively quantify the intellectual effort of software developers' productivity.
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