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Program Design

Show Name: Baharun ki Raah-Guzar Medium: Satellite /Internet /Web Host: Najam Sheraz
Regular Broadcasts: Once/Bi/ weekly
Time Duration: 25 min
Intro: 2 minutes (in-house or on field), Middle Part: 20 mins activity on field Closing: 1 min
Location: Outdoor (with demographics, culture, travel, time and resources defined beforehand
Core Theme of Program: welfare projects / entrepreneurs/ success & micro financing stories
The Resource Band of Topics:
Leading development initiatives by contemporary government: Approx. 40 mega projects
These projects are connected with following sub-topics:
Humanitarian crises, food insecurity, scarcity of water resources, unemployment, Climate Change,
Natural Disasters, Technology & Science, Outstanding Talent, Success Stories, Entrepreneurs,
Scientists, Affirmative Action, Ageism / Age Discrimination, Alcoholism, Animal Rights, Minorities
Discrimination, Birth Control, Bullying, Campus Crime, Child Abuse/ Labour, Classism, Computer
Hacking, Corporate Downsizing, Cyber Bullying, Date Rape, Disaster Relief, Domestic Violence, Drug
Abuse / Drug Addiction, Eating Disorders, Environmental Pollution, Equal Pay, Gang Violence, Global
Warming, Health Care Disparities, Hunger, Illegal Immigration, Minimum Wage, Obesity,
Outsourcing Jobs, Police Brutality, Pollution, Pornography, Poverty, Racism, Recycling and
Conservation, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Single Parenting, Steroid Use in Sports, Terrorism
Audience Type: Random audience as per nature of story: Ranging from young to old (exclusively
expatriates, College/University students to mid-career level)
Anchor's Helper (future addition): A middle-aged comical character, a goof to be precise, whose
slight funny interventions elicit amusement. He does skits on road (a recorded piece: 1-2 min)
Music, Puns, Squelches/ One liners: Music is mandatory along with meaningful stir to come off
anchors to invoke viewers’ curiosity
Research Resource: Local papers, online feed, web resources, international newswire: Reuters
Newswire, Feed (A London-based international news agency), no copyright issues since PTV pays for
the feed.
Tangible Resource Required: DSNG, full production crew including two cameramen, drone operator
and helper (for catering and other labour)
Technical Professional Required:
01 Host/Anchor
01 Creative Director
01 Script Writer
02 Researchers
01 Producer
02 NLEs (non-linear Editors)
01 Field Coordinator
Phases of Work:
Research: Preliminary Work (Researcher, Script Writer)
Storyboard: if required, as and when needed
Shooting: 3,4 hour shooting time (total): unless a time-laps situation is to be sought-for
((Anchor, Script Writer, Researcher, Creative Director, Field Coordinator)
Post Production: (NLE, Researcher, Creative Director)
Studio, ambience and general pattern (in case if shooting is done in-house):
The studio is set out with an arm chair for the presenter. A conducive ambience may be achieved
with the help of dim-lit studio, the chroma cut shall limn the stuff being on-aired. The low-lights
must not obscure the visibility of the backdrop behind.
*Low-lit ambience may elicit forth an entirely unique feel total contrary to contemporary
programs/shows lack classy and orphic surroundings----courtesy to pinching lights/ piercing glosses