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Week 5- Microscopy- lab report

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Homework Assignment 3
2.1 Use of Microscopes (2 marks)
When preparing your slides for viewing under a compound light microscope, you used coverslips. You did
not use coverslips when viewing things under a stereomicroscope.
Give two reasons why you need to use coverslips when preparing samples for compound light
microscopy. Be sure to explain why the coverslip is necessary in each case.
2.2 Light and Electron Microscopes (2 marks)
The following images show microscopy images of parts of the rose plant using different microscopes.
Based on what you learned about microscopes in the lab and what you read in the lab manual,
identify the type of microscope that was used to generate each image. Please indicate the
reasoning behind your answers.
Rose Stem (Magnification: 100x)
Rose Flower Petal (Magnification: 1100x)
2.3 Organization of Cells (2 marks)
On the back of this page, draw a box 10cm x 10cm. In that box, draw a labeled diagram of one of
the cells you viewed in this week’s lab. Your TA will let you know which one to draw. Please be
sure to indicate the magnification of your drawing.