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what's your take of the teaching/s of Hinduism? Is it really possible to talk about peace and unity
between Hinduism and Christianity? How?
Hinduism is composed of numerous beliefs, doctrines, and teachings. They mainly worship Brahman, but
they also have different gods and goddesses who represent their beliefs. Fundamental to Hinduism is
the belief in the principle of ultimate reality called Brahman and its identity with the individual soul
called Atman. Two of the most important things in Hinduism are Atman (belief in soul) and Dharma. For
Atman, it depicts that every living creature has a soul which makes them part of the supreme soul. Their
primary goal is to reach Moksha (the highest goal of life) or salvation. Once achieved, this will allow
them to become part of the absolute soul. For Dharma, it is a code of living that emphasizes good
conduct and morality. From the things that our group has shared with the class, I have realized how
sacred and beautiful Hinduism is. It may not be as big as Catholicism, but this is one of the religions that
have deep faith, powerful teachings and doctrines, and one-of-a-kind practices. Their ways of preserving
the morality and good conduct of their people, as well as their doctrines of samsara and karma, are
some of the important things and values in Hinduism that caught my attention the most.
One of the things in Hinduism that I find quite similar to the Catholic religion is their gods and
goddesses. In Catholics, we have also have different saints but the exception to this is that we do not
worship them. Unlike Hindus who worship their gods, Catholics give honor and respect to their saints for
they lead us to God. We are asking the saints to intercede for us and not to distract us from God. I
believe that it is possible to talk about peace and unity between Hinduism and Christianity if we would
only consider and respect the differences between the two religions. These conflicts and
misunderstandings among different religions could be prevented by accepting the fact that other
religions are existing in the world. We may be guided by the doctrines and teachings of the religion and
group that we’re part of, but each one of us must also keep in mind that other religions exist, and they
shouldn’t be opposed. Peace and unity will begin if we would accept, respect, and educate ourselves of
the characteristics of every religion. As long as no religion promotes violence, unethical practices,
abusive acts, etc., we should learn to recognize, pay respect, and avoid discriminating against their
beliefs and doctrines.