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Blood donation and management system Presentation

Blood Donation & Management System
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 Introduction
 Problem Statement
 Scope of Study
 Goals & Objectives
 Features
 System Requirements
 Feasibility Study
 Portal in a Glance
 Achievement of the Project
 Advantages & Disadvantages
 Conclusion
 References
 This project is mainly towards persons who are willing to donate blood to
the patients.
 Through this system it will be easier to find a donor for exact blood type and
easy to build the connection between donor & the blood bank authorities.
 The main intend of building this software is to formal the procedure of blood
donation & motivate donors in order to donation blood.
 We have tried to maintain all that information of donor which is easily
understandable to the doctors which makes them easy to find the donor.
Problem Statement
 At present, the public can only know about the blood donation events
through conventional media means such as radio, news paper or television
 There is no information regarding the blood donation programs available on
any of the portal.
 The current system that is using by the blood bank is manual system. With the
manual system, there are problems in managing the donors' records.
 The records of the donor might not be kept safely and there might be
missing of donor's records due to human error or disasters.
Scope of Study
 The system is used for maintaining all the process and activities of
blood bank management system.
 The system can be extended to be used for maintaining records of
hospital, organ donation and other similar sectors. While developing
the system, there shall be space for further modification.
 There shall be a proper
enhancement becomes easy.
 As a whole the system is focused to work with blood bank
management system and on additional modification it can be also
used as management systems of similar organizations.
Goals & Objectives
 To provide a means for the blood bank to publicize and advertise
blood donation programs.
 To allow the probable recipients to make search and match the
volunteer donors, and make request for the blood.
 To provide an efficient donor and blood stock management
functions to the blood bank by recording the donor and blood
 To provide synchronized and centralized donor and blood stock
 To provide immediate
storage and retrieval
of data
 Login Page – The page where the system users will submit their
system credentials to access the system data.
 Home Page – The page where the system users will be redirected
after logging into the blood bank management system. This page
displays the available volume of each blood group and also
displays the system data summary.
 Donors Page – The page where all donors are listed and managed.
 Blood Donations Page – The page where the donated blood is listed and
managed. The system feature that updating the available volume of the
blood stocks.
 Requests Page – The page where all blood requests are listed and
 Handed Over Page – The page where all given blood or handed over
blood requests are listed and managed.
 Users Page – The page where can system admin user manages the list the
system users.
System Requirement
Hardware Requirement:
Minimum Requirement
Processor speed
Accommodate most PCs
Memory of user PC
Relatively fast
Disk Space of user PC
Adequate Storage capacity
Memory of server Pc
Bandwidth(network connection)
Relatively Good
Disk space of server
Adequate Storage for database
and application
System Requirement
Software Requirement:
Minimum requirement
Windows 7, windows 8.1,Linux,
Operating System for computer
Mac Os, Windows
8,windows xp
Database Management System
Chrome,IE,Mozilla Firefox
Globally distributed and widely
Easy to use and scalable
Standard browser
Feasibility Study
 Feasibility study is an important phase in the software development
process. It enables the developer to have an assessment of the product
being developed. It refers to the feasibility study of the product in terms of
outcomes of the product, operational use and technical support required
for implementing it.
 It aims to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and
weaknesses of an existing business or proposed venture, opportunities
and threats as presented by the environment, the resources required to
carry through and ultimately the prospects for success.
 Economic Feasibility
 Hardware and software are available in the market at an affordable cost so it
is economically feasible
 Operational Feasibility
 It is easy to use and also in the time of emergency our website will save a lot of
time to fetch a donor for the patience.
 Technical Feasibility
 Our site is developing using HTML, CSS & JavaScript and for backend PHP &
MySQL and for hosting XAMPP is used which is supported by all of the systems
and all the latest browsers so as all required software and hardware are
available in the market so it is technically feasible.
shows the Web application in Google Chrome
shows the Blood Receiver Page
shows the Donor Page
Portal in a Glance
shows the Interface of Admin Login
shows the interface of the Admin Dashboard
shows the Contact us page
Achievements of the Project
 Donors and Patients can create accounts on the system through
 System Administrator can manage the users by creating for them the
 To bridge the gap between blood banks, hospitals, volunteer donors and
needy people, through this system Clients can view the parking available
and reserve parking lot online.
 To facilitate the search process for needy people and make it easier than
 To reduce the data entry process.
 Patients can access the availability of blood units in blood banks by using
this website.
 Minimizes the efforts of the patient to find a donor in time.
 Alert mechanism for regular donors.
 Helps both donor and patient to keep record of there health.
 As the donor’s data is saved in the system we can reject those who have
HIV or any other infections.
 As we have the contact numbers of the donors we can contact
whenever necessary comes.
 As it is a website so we cannot help donor to reach to patient.
 Location limited to a particular area.
 Need internet to operate.
 Today the world is become a global village where everything is online.
 Also there are so many web based solutions provided in the market for the comfort of
the people but without blood human is non-living.
Just by providing the web solution of blood bank management system and by
adding some feature to it is just one step in order to serve the mankind and also our
website presents an alert system to the donor about requirement of their blood to a
person in need and also provides online status of blood group wise availability of
blood units in all the blood banks.
https://www2.slideshare.net/amitsedai/blood-bank-management-system?qid=6b578531- 9549-4674-
https://www.scribd.com/doc/306746711/Blood-Bank-Management-System- Project-Report
Reporthttps://www.scribd.com/doc/306746711/Blood-Bank-Management-System-Project- Report
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