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1. What is a Microprocessor?
2. How to calculate its maximum memory capacity from address lines?
3. What is memory segmentation in 8086 Microprocessors?
4. What is the no. of address lines and data lines in 8086 Microprocessor?
5. What are the types of registers in 8086 Microprocessors?
6. What are the three types of Microprocessor operations?
7. What are the flag registers?
8. What happens to the carry flag if the result of 8-bit operation is more than 8-bit?
9. What is the condition for auxiliary carry flag to be set?
10. What is the significance of sign flag?
11. What is the role of stack in a Microprocessor?
12. What is the content of a stack pointer?
13. What is the significance of RET instruction in subroutines?
14. What are the externally and peripherally initiated instructions in 8086
15. What happens to the Microprocessor if READY signal is LOW?