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Speaking Practice - Calibration

Name and surname:
Speaking Practice 1:
1. Introduce yourself using the vocabulary you know and are familiar with. Use
the space below to take notes.
a. Try to emphasize what’s important to you and what you don’t like.
b. Talk about your personality and mannerisms.
c. Use connectors to link sentences.
d. Summarize your hobbies and make a breve description.
e. Talk about your occupation and why you like what you do or not.
2. Imagine that you are at an airport and a security guard calls you for an
inspection. Try to react to what you’re asked and manage to pass the
checkpoint. Use the space below to take notes.
3. You’re at a restaurant and the waiter comes to ask the meals. You chose if
you want to be the waiter or the guest, but you have to play the chosen
role. Use the space below to take notes.
4. Finally, chose a situation and decide who you are and what will happen to
finally see how you manage in daily life using English as language. Use the
space below to take notes.