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primul meu gunoi

Don’t look back!
Leo opens the newspaper, sits down on the dusty chair and lights a cigarette.
,, Breaking News, we know how the two thieves, that have been on the run for one month, are
looking.The police officer have come out with a photo of them in the pharmacy where they have
been seen last time, letting us know that one of them has been hurt due to the fight at the bank
where they stole 100,000 pounds. If you have any information please call 999.’’
The streets have been hearing about this news, all the people are talking about.
Outside the house it looks abandoned, the grass has grown up and the windows have been broken
by the kid’ street.
The lot of garbage tells us that there is nobody who will clean the white wood house.
Leo starts to undress by taking out his black jacket, his black shirt and throwing his blue hat.
He accidently touched the injury at his left foot, which seems to be becoming worse day by day.
Trevor enters the dirty room, with a bear in his left hand, bending his neck.
Wearing a blue hoodie , black jeans and a pair of black boots. He moves his finger slowly on the
table, taking the dust rubining.
The room is miserable, the paint walls start to fall out, a dark gray color has been covered by the
mold .
Leo observes the panic on Leo's face who tries to remain calm.
T: What's wrong pal?
Leo gets up angry and he shows the article to Trevor pointing the picture with his finger,
throwing his tigarete.
L: This!Look at it!
Trevor starts to read the text, looking surprised, arching his eyebrows.
T: Oh crap..
L: I know! We have to do something right now!
T: No..I mean yes but look how I look in the picture, man!
L: What?
T: I look like rubbish!
L: That's because this is who you are!Now listen, we have to leave now! We pack everything in
the car, take your things and we will drive to the Aldwych underground station. Now!
Leo starts shaking and strat to remove the sweat on his forehead with a dirty towel.He lights up
another cigarette.
L: I told not to look back! I saw the camera too late and I told you!
T: Chill out, man! It’s because of me? Or it’s because the pharmacists wouldn't give you any
medicine without the doctor's prescription and you start to put your gun on his head? Tell me.
Leo is becoming red. He doesn't feel good and Trevor can see him by the way he is breathing.
T: Listen..No one has seen us. No one knows that we are here! My mother abandoned me, but at
least she owns this house and look...she used to be so drunk all the time I don’t think that she and
the neighbors were close friends, unless they love alcohol like her.
He starts to laugh and takes another sip from the bottle.
L: Trevor what..
Leo is going to take a bear from the cool bag, keeping his eyes on Trevor.
T: I did look back, yes! But it’s our fault. Because we are two in this.
L: What the..
T: Let me finish ..and because of that the neighbors will never suspect anything in this trashy
house. They will hear a sound and will be ,,oh,a cat”, also don’t forget that the passport arrives
tonight, bro! After this day we will be rich guys in L.A. and clean! Oh! Start calling me Mike
from now. Ok?
L: We are just us in this isn’t?
T: Well..i did my best to find more people.Nothing,man.
Leo makes a weird face , surprised by the calm mood that Trevor has. He grabs Leo’s face with
his hand, looking into Trevor’s blue eyes.
L: We need to leave this place right now. Ok?
Trevors is looking suspicious because of Leo’s actions, he knew that his friend was scared by
looking into his eyes, he saw Leo’s hands shaking.
T: Are you scared ?
L: What?
He takes two feet back.
T: I ask you. Are you scared ?
Leo takes a sip of the beer bottle, he then goes to look through the window
T: We did all of this for money and now I won't lose everything plus my freedom just because of
your ignorance. Get it?
Leo’s is looking at the clouds and seeing how the sun has gone. It’s getting dark and the
lightning begins to be heard. He felt a lot of pain because of the injury, the blood began to flow
more. He goes to the chair and strat to pull out the old bangade to change it, slowly moving, and
sighing .
Trevor becomes a little suspicious by Leo's words, he thinks that his way it’s the best and tries to
explain his point one more time.
L: You are hurt, pal. If anything becomes a little too risky you will never survive.
Leo’s have taken out the bangade and he is looking at the injury. A bullet is in the inside of his
tight, maybe close to the femur.
He takes an injection of Tranexamic acid, which is used to treat heavy bleeding, and he is now
looking at Trevor.
L: I can’t do it. I need your help.
T: I never did this before, actually.
L: I’m shaking. I might have broken the needle.
Trevor is looking at the wound and then at Leo’s face. He put the beer on the ground and took the
T: Ok. Where?
Leo put his hand on the point where it should do the injection, signing.
With a single push the injection is done.
T: Oh my god, man. This is serious.This is for sure a surgery,oh. I’m glad I won't pay for that.
Trevor has a bizarre reaction. He strat pointing his eyes on Leo’s face doing his bandage and
covering his injury.
L: You what?
Trevor makes a face that expresses misunderstanding.He grabs his blue hat and places it into his
head, he then grabs a cigarette and a lighter.
A major silence has fallen out. The two are looking at each other in a more serious way and the
rain has started.
T: We talk about this. We agree to 50,000 pounds each. What do you think,brother?
L: You said that we are just us in this. We also agree that with everything that we have at the end
of this ..we share. 50-50. Until I'm not healed it’s not the end.
The tension between them has grown. Leo’s strat to become angry, his face shows this. He is
now looking at Trevor who has kept his arm over his leg.
T: Are you mad,pal?!
Said with a high pitched voice.
T: This is your problem! So I won't pay for it!
L: I’ve been hurt because I was trying to protect you! And guess what I did!
Trevor’s is now shaking. He will never accept this. He is now looking at the money which has
been put in a black bag.
T: I don’t care! I want my 50,000! This is what we agree on! I need all this money and I would
never give up any penny for things that don't affect me, directly!
L: Are you saying that you will never give up any penny for me?! For me, pal? Don’t forget that
without me you will never make it! I deserve more than you anyway!
The strong voices of the two of them have woken up a dog that has been sleeping on the street.
But they just ignore it.
T: I was the one who came up with a plan! I did all the hard work, actually! You did just the
physics work, because you don’t do anything else! You stupid !
Trevor’s anger has been rising up really fast. He lights up a cigarette and he goes closer to Leo’s
Trevor: Don’t you dare to ask for my money!
Leo grabs the front shirt of Leo’s and he sees the angry expression of his.
L: I am gonna do the surgery and both of us are paying for this!
Trevor: Don’t worry, pal. You will never need it!
Trevor’s go with his hand by the back of his jeans and takes out the gun, shooting Leo in the left
and right foot.
Leo strat to scream badly. The dog is now barking at the window.
Wwe-oww , wwe-oww.
Trevor is hearing this sound and realizes that this is the sound of police and that the neighbor
might have been calling the police because they hear the two of them arguing.
Leo is looking at his gun which is by the end of his foot.
L: I told you, idiot! We should have been gone! We are going to prison! And it’s your fault!
Everything it’s happening because of you!
Trevor starts to panic, he goes to the corner and takes the black bag and runs from the room,
shouting one more time his best friend Trevor in the chest.
T: Good bye, pal!
He goes to the front door and spreads his arm to open the door but then he sees the police
T: Oh no! What i’m going to do?!
Police : Get out with the hands up!
He remembered that it’s a back door at the corner where the bag was so he is going there and
sees the door open.
The moment he got his hand on the doorknob he was shot in the head by Leo and fell out on the
The police are breaking the door , coming from the front and the back door and they see the two
of them covered in blood.