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Semester 1 final project Interreligious Dialogue Project Instructions[3]

Interreligious Dialogue Project
There are many moral issues that are hotly debated in society today. Members of
various religions have taken a wide variety of stances on these issues.
Project Overview
Using a creative medium of your choice from the list in the Instructions, you will create
and present a dialogue between a Roman Catholic and a person belonging to a
non-Christian religion from the following list regarding similarities and differences in the
position each takes on the respective issue and why:
A) Islam: Living the Gospel / Revelation in Practice
eligious/islam/upload/Revelation-Catholic-and-Muslim-Perspectives.pdf) (Pgs
20-24, 37-39)
B) Buddhism: Caring for the Environment
C) Hinduism: Human Dignity and the Love of Neighbor / Human Dignity and Human
Dialogue.pdf Pgs 1-2)
D) Jainism: Contributing to Peace
Make sure to quote and cite the given source(s) to support your understanding of their
Provide the main arguments from both groups, not your own opinion.
Provide the Catholic counterargument to the dialogue partner’s reasoning. (Make use of
the Catechism of the Catholic Church for a better understanding of Her teachings.)
1. Choose a medium from the following list: short story, graphic novel, epic poem,
short film, or song.
2. Select the major issue that will be the topic of the conversation/storyline.
3. Create summaries of the Catholic position and the position of the non-Christian
religion you have chosen.
4. Create a first draft that at least shows the dialogue about each group’s positions.
5. Submit the final version.
Final Results
1. Short story: 5 pages, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced.
2. Graphic novel: 7 pages, illustrated in color.
3. Epic poem: 120 lines.
4. Short film: 3 minutes.
5. Song: 2 minutes.
Due Dates
1. Medium choice + Major issue with summary on positions: before class on
Wednesday, 12/1 (1,5,7) or Thursday, 12/2 (4,6)
2. First draft: before class on Thursday, 12/9 (1,5,7) or Friday, 12/10 (4,6)
3. Final draft: before class on Monday, 12/13 (1,5,7) or Tuesday, 12/14 (4,6)
You will receive an Analysis grade and a Communication grade for this project.