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W6 & W7

Learning Task 1 (p.28)
1. What specific features of painting/picture are manifested?
The picture above shows a face of a person. It focuses on the eyes, nose, and lips.
2. What do you think is the painter’s inspiration in his/her masterpiece?
The painter’s inspiration in doing this masterpiece can be someone important to
him/her. It can be a family, friend or a lover.
3. What message is portrayed by the painting/picture?
For me, the painting wants to tell and remind its viewers the simplicity of a human
being. It focuses on the normality of our features but it mirrors beauty once our eyes are full
of happiness and our lips are smiling.
4. What positive points are manifested in the painting/picture?
I noticed that only the face of the person in the painting is clear, but not anymore the
part above his/her cheeks. I think this is a good way for the painter to do so that his/her
message will be given focus. The painter also perfectly drew a face of a happy person through
the wide bright eyes and curled lips.
5. How can the painter still improve this painting/picture?
First, I do not know if the painting is originally painted in black and white colors, but I
think that it will look better with colors to enhance the painting. The painter can also try to
fully capture the person’s face.
Learning Task 2 (p. 28)
1. How do the two differ in terms of expressing emotions portrayed in the song?
The two renditions showed different emotions through their way of singing. Vanya’s
method is more breathy and makes it feel softer. Daryl’s method is a fuller voice where
stronger emotion can be felt.
2. For you, which rendition is more relevant and charismatic?
For me, Daryl Ong’s rendition is better because I felt his emotion more and I also liked
the instrumental he used. Both are good but I like how Daryl changes some tones in the song
to make it charismatic.
3. Which of the two has better vocal quality and voice range?
Based on their cover, I can say that Daryl Ong has a better vocal quality and voice
range. Daryl uses his full voice with less falsetto which shows how good he is. Vanya is good
also in switching from high notes to low notes but only too breathy.
4. Which rendition portrays better intonation, diction and enunciation?
The two of them has a good tone but I like Daryl Ong’s intonation more. He switches
some tone which is good to add something new. For diction and enunciation, it is also Daryl
because his singing voice is clearer than Vanya. I can understand the words better in Daryl’s
Learning Task 3 (p. 30)
1. What significant characteristics of a mother are described in the poem?
The poem describes a mother as selfless, forgiving and loving because even if she was
hurt by her child, she only thinks of her child’s safety when he slipped.
2. How is the mother’s heart measured in the poem?
In the poem, it measured the mother’s heart as never ending even until after her son
got his heart and caused her death.
3. How will you relate the context of the poem to your own mother?
Just like the mother in poem who thinks of her child, my mother also loves me that
way. Even if I disobey or hurt her sometimes, she will still be worried about me and take care
of me if I get hurt or sick.
4. What do you think is the reason why La Villa Tierra entitled his work as such?
I think that the author entitled the poem as “Ballad of a Mother’s Heart” because it
speaks or narrates the story of every mother’s heart and not just the mother of the one in the
poem. Every mother in this world always thinks of their children first because they love them
more than their own self.
Learning Task 5 (p. 31)
1. What are the three major problems identified by Mandela?
Nelson Mandela identified poverty, injustice and gross inequality as the three major
problems that we have in this world.
2. Why do you think Mandela deals with these three problems as personal issues?
I realized after reading his speech that poverty, injustice, and inequality are personal
issues because it affects the life of people and every one of us is also responsible to solve it.
3. What pandemic was mentioned by Mandela? Has the world overcome this health crisis?
The pandemic that Mandela mentioned was the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
(AIDS) pandemic. Those infected have their immune system weakened and destroyed. It killed
a lot of people before but until now, the world was not able to successfully overcome it.
Today, AIDS can still be acquired by many but it is just not as serious as it was before.
Scientists are still trying to find the cure that can completely destroy the virus that causes it.
4. How can the world overcome poverty?
The world can overcome poverty if the people in charge of leading the nations are
willing to give up their greed and start caring for the life and rights of every human-being
whoever they are and whatever their class in the society is.
5. What possible steps can be undertaken to overcome poverty?
Mandela mentioned three steps to overcome poverty. First, is to ensure trade justice
which is concerned with businesses being favorable for the poor and the environment.
6. Explain this line: While poverty persists, there is no true freedom.
As long as there are people that suffer from poverty, we cannot fully have freedom.
Freedom is when the entire nation lives freely and also without having to worry for their basic
needs. If it is possible to solve poverty that is the only time when people will be freed and will
then be enjoying their lives without being restricted physically and financially.