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Ultra-Flash CSFB to UTRAN
This is important to note that in 5G NSA network, when UE physical layer passes by some interruptions due downlink or uplink link quality; in this case MeNB will trigger
RLF (radio link failure) i.e. LTE will declare RLF procedures while SgNB will released all SCG bears(cause: SCGFailue).
These SCG failures could be with different causes e.g SCG radio link failure(failureType t310-Expiry or randomAccessProblem or rlc-MaxNumRetx), Failure of SCG
reconfiguration with sync.(failuretype scg-ChangeFailure), SCG configuration failure for RRC message on SRB3.(failuretype scg-reconfigFailure) , SCG Integrity Failure
(failuretype srb3-IntegrityFailure) etc.
• Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are
Two Pillar stone cloudification technology.
Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) cloud
is a data center and network built to host,
deploy, and service virtual network functions
(VNFs) using a cloud network. While Software
Defined Networking(SDN) is a solution that
provides seamless intra-datacenter
connectivity for virtual and physical,
workloads in a telecom cloud. It provides
network automation services to VNF
workloads as part of our NFVI solution.
Below summarize advantage these both bring
to teleco cloud. In fact these two
technologies revolutionize cloudification