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Missed Lab Make Up Sheet

Foods 2 Missed Lab Make Up
1. If you miss a lab (any reason), you need to make it up to receive credit for the lab.
2. Make up labs are utilized when a student misses an occasional lab. It does not apply to a student
who misses the majority of the class. Foods 2 is a lab based course and requires regular
attendance. Leaving makeup labs to the end of the semester is not advised as you risk not getting
them in on time.
3. Making up a missed lab in 4 simple steps:
○ First, check the “weekly agenda” calendar
○ Second, choose any recipe to make at home to gain cooking experience similar to the lab.
○ Third, take a pictures (selfie) of you & the food you made at home. Include a picture while
making it and the finished product.
○ Fourth, you must complete the missing lab sheet after your at home lab and share with via
4. If you are unable to cook at home, ask me for an alternative assignment
If and only if you have resources readily available AND parent/guardian permission:
Make and cook any recipe you want that is similar to the missed lab skills.
Complete the lab at home
Complete the lab form below & submit via email (
At Home Lab Form
What did you make?
Where did you find the recipe?
Briefly/Informally explain...why did you
choose this recipe?
What did you enjoy about making this
What did you not enjoy about making this
What was most challenging about
completing this recipe?
Describe the overall appearance, taste and
texture of your end product.
Describe why you would or would not make
this recipe again:
❏ Take a SELFIE of you + the finished product and include below: