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Request for Proposal - Banks in Action - RFP

ABC Banks in Action 2.0
ABC Worldwide intends to improve its online computer simulation, ABC Banks in Action, by
converting the current product from PHP running on a Unix environment to .NET running on a
Windows environment and adding the ability to support multiple languages in Unicode
character set.
Vice President-Procurement
ABC Worldwide
Founded in 1919, ABC Worldwide is the oldest, largest, and fastest-growing not-for-profit
economic education organization in the world. It is the largest partnership linking the private
sector with education efforts. ABC’s educational programs serve as the primary vehicle to
advance the organization’s mission: To ensure that every child has a fundamental understanding
of the free enterprise system. Programs are regularly developed, revised, and enhanced as ABC
inspires young people to be successful in life through free enterprise education.
ABC Worldwide programs for K-12 students focus on three key content areas: entrepreneurship,
financial literacy, and work readiness.
On July 1, 2004, ABC Inc. and ABC International merged to form a single, efficient organization,
ABC Worldwide. The merger in no way alters the established programs, methods of educational
delivery, or values that ABC has steadfastly upheld for more than 85 years. As a united
organization, ABC Worldwide now provides new avenues of opportunity to reach more students
around the world.
ABC is renowned in the United States and throughout the world for promoting comprehensive,
sequential, economic and business education programs for students in kindergarten through
grade 12. These programs:
focus on academic achievement;
align program content with important academic content standards and assessments;
teach management skills and encourage innovative thinking;
ABC Worldwide
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Feb 1, 2013
incorporate mathematics and literacy skill development into program content;
incorporate service-learning experiences into program content;
support differentiated learning styles;
utilize community volunteers and mentors to deliver program materials; and
provide opportunities for parental involvement and support
ABC ensures the effectiveness and relevance of its economic and business education programs
by utilizing validated curricula and instructional materials, specific program implementation
standards, teacher and volunteer training, and program outcomes evaluations.
Proposals are invited from companies and organizations demonstrating experience and capacity
to produce age-appropriate, exciting, online and CD-based systems. Interested parties must
show experience and familiarity with development in the educational field and expert
knowledge of PHP, .Net, and Unicode character set. Educational experience in international
settings would be desirable as this product is being developed primarily for an international
Note: Interested parties that have been suspended or debarred from doing business with
federal agencies or private organizations using federal funding are disqualified from applying.
ABC Worldwide
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Feb 1, 2013
The proposal should include the following components.
Part I: See attached document entitled “ABC Banks in Action 2.0 Requirements.”
Part II:
Vendor will perform various tests and provide the appropriate documentation. These tests
will include: Unit, integration, system, stabilization, and regression testing. Documented test
plans, test cases, and test results will be provided by the vendor to ABC Worldwide®.
Unit Testing – A procedure used to validate that a particular module of source code
is working properly. This type of testing is done by the developer and not by QA
Testers or ABC Worldwide®.
Integration Testing - The phase of software in which individual software modules
are combined and tested as a group.
System Testing – Testing conducted on a complete, integrated system to evaluate
the system's compliance with its specified requirements.
Stabilization Testing – Testing conducted with the focus of stabilizing the application
to ensure that it does not crash.
Regression Testing – Testing which seeks to uncover regression issues.
Part III:
The following questions should be answered with clarity:
1. In order to achieve a transfer of knowledge, as well as positioning ABC to become
self-sufficient, how would you structure the roles and responsibilities?
2. Please describe the various steps in your project life cycle and provide a sample
project plan.
3. Please describe your methodology for developing your software. Define all phases
of the development cycle and how each would be managed.
4. Based on your experience, what areas of development present the greatest risk for
a success?
5. Please describe what a typical schedule is for development of your software,
detailing duration of each phase.
6. Please describe the key issues raised during your last software development effort.
7. Please detail how the issues from the last question were resolved to ensure
successful completion of the project.
8. Please describe your methodology or procedures for how you transfer knowledge
and responsibilities to ABC after completion of the integration effort.
9. Please describe your methodologies or procedures for managing defects.
10. What mechanisms and/or techniques do you use to track defects to ensure proper
ABC Worldwide
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Feb 1, 2013
11. Does your company provide training prior to, during and after implementation of
your software? Describe your training approach.
12. Does your company provide product support after implementation of your
software? Describe your support approach and tools.
The ABC IT Group requires that proposal components be in written and electronic forms and
should include pricing and timeline with suggested milestones.
The proposal budget should be submitted to include all parts of the Proposal Description and in
as much detail as possible. Proposal budgets must be broken out into very specific parts to
specify cost per deliverable of the RFP.
ABC Banks in Action 2.0 needs to be ready to use by ABC Area Offices and ABC Member Nations
by July 2013. Therefore, the following timeline needs to be adhered:
Proposals Due:
Close of business (5:00 p.m., Mountain Time)
Friday, March 1, 2013
Notification of Award:
Friday, March 29, 2013
Tentative contract:
Friday, April 5, 2013
Project Plan:
Friday, April 26, 2013
Design Documents:
May 31, 2013
Initial Review of Product:
Monday, October 7, 2013
Software Beta
Final Review Period:
Monday, November 11, 2013
Software Application
Final Product Due:
Close of business (5:00 p.m., Mountain Time)
Monday, Nov 25, 2013
Complete Software Application and Documentation
March 2013
Vendor selected as a result of the RFP process. Begin work creating new template for all
April- May 2013
Work continues on the creation of the new simulation template.
ABC Worldwide
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Feb 1, 2013
ABC Worldwide determines next languages for translation with new simulation
template (High priority will be given to countries expressing the greatest interest in the
program or with the greatest implementation of the program such as Asian countries,
Arabic countries and Russia.)
June – November 2013
New simulation template complete. ABC Banks in Action can now be translated into
any language!
Vendor provides files to the newly selected ABC Member Nations for translation.
December 2013 – June 2014
Vendor must be available to support product as we conduct deployment of the product
to various areas around the world. The intention is to be able to fix inconsistencies and
conduct fine tuning that may only show up during a period of actual practical use of the
Vendor is expected to provide documentation that demonstrates quality of work, stability of the
organization, customer satisfaction, and proven methodologies. These documents should
include but are not limited to the following:
 Other Projects
 Customer Base
 Letter(s) of Recommendation
 Financial Statements
Inquiries should be directed to the Project Manager for this project:
Blake Tamara, 819-640-6222 or e-mail at btamara@ABC.org.
All materials for both draft and final products are to be considered the sole property of
ABC Worldwide, Bleekers Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Proposal must be submitted by the close of business (5:00 p.m., Mountain Time) Friday, March
1, 2013, to:
Vice President-Procurement
ABC Worldwide®
Thank you for your interest in ABC!
ABC Worldwide
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Feb 1, 2013