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TPT Copy of Circulatory System Notes

Circulatory System
Health and Wellbeing
C Levyssohn-Silva 2020
Circulatory System
Major structures:
1. Heart
2. Blood Vessels
C Levyssohn-Silva 2020
Two Major Functions:
1. Pump blood to the lungs for
oxygenation (pulmonary loop)
2. Pump blood to all tissues in the
body (systemic loop)
C Levyssohn-Silva 2020
Heart- Pulmonary Loop
Pulmonary means “lungs”- circulates blood to the lungs and
back to the heart again.
● Right side of the heart pumps to lungs
● Blood picks up oxygen (low oxygen blood becomes oxygenated)
C Levyssohn-Silva 2020
Heart- Systemic Loop
Systemic refers to body systems
- circulates blood to tissues
all over your body.
● Left side of the heart pumps
to the body
● Delivers oxygen and picks
up carbon dioxide waste
(oxygenated blood becomes
C Levyssohn-Silva 2020
Heart Chambers
Atria - collect blood coming into
the heart from the blood vessels
Ventricles - pump blood out of the
heart to the pulmonary or systemic
* The tan part of the diagram is muscular tissue. What do you notice about the
muscle tissue around the atria compared to the ventricles? Why?
C Levyssohn-Silva 2020
Heart Valves
The heart valves slam shut after blood has passed through
This keeps blood from moving backwards and forces it to flow
in only one direction.
The valves opening and closing are also responsible for the
“lub dub” heartbeat sounds!
C Levyssohn-Silva 2020
Blood Vessels
Three major categories of blood vessels:
1. Arteries
2. Veins
3. Capillaries
C Levyssohn-Silva 2020
Blood Vessels
Carry blood AWAY from the heart (artery=away)
Have thick, strong walls to resist high pressure
Carry blood back to the heart
Have thin walls because there is little or no pressure
Found in lungs and tissues that need oxygen
Very thin walls so gases can move in and out easily
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Blood Vessels
Arteries, capillaries, and
veins are attached in
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Circulatory System
This animation puts everything together: Ventilation and
Video of a single cardiac cycle
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Circulatory System
Explore the system using
this interactive anatomy site
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C Levyssohn-Silva 2020