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Copy of At Home Mole Conversions Lab

At Home Mole Conversion Lab Activity
Purpose: The goal of this activity is to take a standard household ingredient/substance
that you frequently use and calculate how many atoms/molecules/formula units that you
Here are some ideas that you could utilize (feel free to come up with your own!):
Pour yourself a glass of water in a container that you can measure the volume in. Take
a few sips and determine the volume of water that you consumed. The density of water
is 1.00 g/mL, so for every mL of water consumed you consumed 1 gram of water.
Chew a piece of your favorite gum and check the nutrition facts on the container or
online to know the mass of sugar (Sucrose: C12H22O11) in each piece.
Before you season the food that you are cooking for dinner, weigh out the salt that you
were going to use on a scale. (Doesn’t have to be salt… could be a number of
ingredients: Vanilla, baking soda, vinegar, etc)
Measure the mass of a piece of chalk before and after you write your name on the
sidewalk outside of your house/apartment to know how much Calcium Carbonate
(CaCO3) you used.
Procedure: Describe what you are calculating and how you determined how much of
the substance you used/consumed.
Calculations: (you can either try to type out your work or upload a picture)