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dove beauty campaign

Dove Campaign For Real Beauty
Presented by Morgan Franke & Bailey Roach
Enacted a global study: The Real Truth About Beauty: A
Global Report, Dove.
Study revealed that only 2% of women around the world
genuinely found themselves beautiful.
Conducted a phone campaign where viewers of DOVE ads
could call in an report whether the models looked “fab” or
Inspire women and society to think differently about what is
defined as beautiful.
Increase sales of Dove beauty products and new product lines.
Drive users to the website to share their thoughts and opinions
about the campaign and beauty stereotypes.
Create a call to action for consumers to join the movement
through website pledge that activate a donation by Dove for selfesteem awareness programs.
Public relations campaign.
Sleepover Events
Book publication
Play write
Reasoning Behind Objectives
 68%
of those surveyed believed media and
advertising created unrealistic standards of
 Declining
 Needed
brand positioning
+ Programming
 2005-started
advertising campaign
using 6 real women
with real curves
 2006-Dove
came out
with the Evolution video
 2006-Created
the Dove
Self-Esteem Fund
 2006-Dove
released the
Little Girls commercial
during the Super Bowl
 2007-Dove
launched a
campaign aimed at
women 50+.
 2010-Dove
Movement for
 2011-Dove
released findings of its global study,
The Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited
 Some
of the Dove photo shoot pictures were
edited, which seemed contradictory to many
 Some
people believed different components of
their product line to be contradictory.
 Many
wanted to see a male beauty campaign.
 Were
able to target a wide variety of ages.
Evaluation Continued
 PR Week’s
Consumer Launch Campaign of the Year
 PRSA’s
Silver Anvil ‘Best of’ Award 2006
 Grand
EFFIE Award 2006
 In
the first 6 months of the campaign, sales of the
products in the advertisements increased 600% in
the USA and Europe
 Most
importantly, they were working to make a
difference for the better!