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идеальное путешествие

My perfect holiday
Travelling comes in many forms: with family, with friends, with your
significant other and alone. It decides a lot who you are travelling with. It
also matters how you get to your destination. I adore travelling by plane.
It's great to look out the porthole and see little squares of land or puffy
clouds. There are some difficulties if you are sitting in a place near the
aisle, you get hit by passing people and you can't see the view through the
porthole. There is also a lot of time spent checking in, having your
passports checked by an immigration officer, waiting in the departure
lounge. But the emotions of the flight are worth it. I also like the plane for
its safety. Every passenger has to fasten his or her seat belt. I would like
to go first class, eat delicious food during the flight and sleep
comfortably.For now, I can only dream of such a journey, but one day it
will become a reality.
Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by various means of
When planning your voyage, attention must be paid to every aspect. The
choice of means of transport is not insignificant. There are many choices,
let's look at a few. One of the most common means of transport is the
train. Among the advantages we can find comfort, when the train is not
crowded, you can lie down and sleep peacefully.On a long trip you can
relax, read a book or watch a movie. But if there are a lot of people, the
advantages disappear and there are disadvantages in the form of
discomfort in compartments with other people who may behave noisily.
Also, tickets are quite expensive and you have to get to the station by
other means of transport.
The next on the list, but not the most important means of transport is a
plane. Travelling by plane is the safest way, and you can get to the
destination city very fast. It is also quite comfortable on the plane, you
can read a book or take a nap. However, it does have some disadvantages,
such as the high cost of tickets and the need to buy them in advance. This
means that you will need to plan your flights according to a timetable,
which is not always convenient.The flight may also be delayed or
If you want to travel by sea and enjoy the waves overboard, then you
should travel by ship. There are few advantages to this means of
transportation, but there are some, such as safety and beautiful views.
You can also rest and sleep. At stops in ports, you can go on city tours.
Among the disadvantages is seasickness, which can occur even if you
didn't know about it. Travelling on a ship depends on the weather, a storm
can suddenly break out.
In all, I would have to say I would rather spend a little extra and travel by
plane. I like the fact it's going to get me to my destination faster than
other ways of traveling.
TRAIN Advantages:
- we can spend time talking to other passengers on the train
- we can relax – read and look out of the window, work, eat ...
- it usually isn’t stressful
- trains are comfortable if they are not crowded
- you don’t have to drive
- it is expensive /but usually cheaper than traveling by car/
- it is often crowded /preplnené/
- it is sometimes delayed /mešká/
- you have to get to the station
- sometimes you have to use other transport to get to the station
- you must travel at certain times
PLANE Advantages:
- traveling by plane is comfortable
- it is safe /bezpečné/
- it is fast - you can get to any place in the world and it takes only a few hours
- you can read, sleep ... during the flight
- it is expensive
- it is strictly dependent on timetable – you have to travel at certain times
- sometimes the flight can be delayed or cancelled
- you have to buy the plane ticket in advance /vopred/
- some people are afraid of heights and confined spaces
BOAT / SHIP Advantages:
- it is relatively safe /bezpečné/
- it is mostly used for trips during holidays /používa sa najčastejšie na výlety počas
- you can get seasick /morská nemoc/
- a ship can sink /potopiť sa/
- it isn’t used often nowadays – it was more often used in the past – one of the biggest and
the most famous ships was the Titanic. It was considered unsinkable but it sank on its maiden
voyage from England to New York and more than 1500 people died.
TAXI Advantages:
+allows you to do other things while you travel.
+don’t worry about finding a parking place
+taxis are cheaper than having your own car
+privacy (make phone calls etc)
-much more expensive than public transportation
-sometimes a taxi might not always be immediately available when you need it.
-traffic jams
Subway Advantages:
+convenience( quicker, no traffic jams,don’t worry about breaking down)
+subways do not emit harmful exhaust fumes into the air.
-criminal activity
-Spread of Diseases