Advantages and disadvantages of EU Membership

Sorting exercise – advantages and disadvantages of
European Union (EU) membership
1. Cut out each box.
2. Read the statements in each box.
 Some of them are advantages of countries’ membership of the EU.
 Some of them are disadvantages of countries’ membership
of the EU.
3. Sort the cards into one of these categories.
Not sure
National governments don’t
have the final say on some
issues affecting their citizens
(loss of sovereignty).
Citizens of EU member states can
move around more easily for both
work and pleasure.
Member states aren’t free to act
alone in some situations.
The EU forces member states to
take a more global approach to
some issues e.g. pollution.
Citizens of EU member states can
get help from the embassy of any
other member state when they are
travelling outside the EU.
The EU costs money to run.
The EU insists that all member
states respect the human rights of
their citizens.
Member states are less likely to
go to war with one another.
It is easier for member states to
buy and sell things (to trade) with
each other.
By working together, EU member
states have more power in global
politics and trade.
Member states have less control
over how many EU citizens come
to live and work in their country.
The institutions of the EU may
put EU interests ahead of national