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American Dreams by Peter Carey

"American Dreams"
by Peter Carey
1. What technique does the author use to grab the reader’s
attention in the first few paragraphs of this story? Did this
technique work for you?
2. Describe the personality of the narrator’s father. What makes
him a bit different from the other townspeople?
3. Where do the townspeople’s “American Dreams” come from
and what do these dreams consist of?
4.What might Gleason’s wall symbolize? Explain.
5. What did the townspeople find to be peculiar about Gleason
building a wall on Bald Hill?
6. Explain the symbolism that is created through the author’s
reference to the painting of the houses in the town. How can the
house painting and what happened to the exterior of the houses
over time be seen to symbolize what happens to the townspeople
after the tourists begin arriving.
7. How do the feelings of the townspeople change, from the time
that they first view the model town, to the time that they realize
what Gleason has done with the model people? Why does this
change occur?
8. Why do you think that the narrator feels the following emotions
on p. 178:
b: guilt
c: wonder
9 Why does the townspeople’s opinion of Gleason change on
10. Why are the townspeople not happy with their “American
Dreams” when those dreams become a reality? Is there a hint of
irony here? Which type?