Act One, Scene 1 Study Guide

Inherit the Wind
Act 1, scene 1
1. Why does Howard call Melinda and her whole family “worms”?
In other words, what is the purpose of this scene in the play?
2. Why does Rachel go to the courthouse? LIST THREE
3. The townspeople are very excited about the upcoming trial.
Why are they so excited? List at least THREE different reasons.
4. What does the sign say that the townspeople hang from one side
of the main street to the other? Why is it so important to them
that this sign is put up?
5. Who is E.K. Hornbeck? Why has he come to “Heavenly
Hillsboro, the buckle on the Bible Belt?”
6. Who is Matthew Harrison Brady? Why is his arrival in
Hillsboro such a big deal? Why has he come to the town?
7. How does Sarah Brady “treat” her husband?
8. During the picnic, Matthew Harrison Brady takes Rachel aside
for a private conversation, but we never “hear” the
conversation. Why does he do this?
9. When Hornbeck announces that Henry Drummond will be the
lawyer for Bert Cates, the townspeople are very upset. List at
least TWO reasons that explain why they are so upset.
10. Matthew Brady thinks it is very good that Drummond will be
his opponent during the trial. Why does he see this as a good